please empty your brain below

how about making it the 'O3' arena...

The trouble with football (apart from the track) is a promise to the developers of Stratford City not to have football, as they don't want footie crowds passing through their shopping centre. I like the cricket plan though, if there's enough width for that. There are no large grounds in east London but large support among the Asian population in particular. Essex would be well placed to corner the east London Market while there are excellent train links to the county, and Stratford was in Essex till 1965 so it is within their patch. It's also near Kent's patch, which includes SE London, but Canterbury's a hell of a trip from SE London so this could work for a game or two per season, esp after work 20/20 matches

Hmm, sounds suspiciously like they're postponing the decision not so much 'for another 13 months' as 'until after the next election'.

The Olympic Stadium in Munich was used for years by football teams, and then athletics and music concerts, there always seemed to be something going on there.

Since the Allianz Arena opened several years ago the the football moving there, the use of the stadium has plummeted, and most of the time it stands empty - it is a real shame! I hope the London areana doesn't suffer the same fate (though at least the Munich Stadium was fully in use for 30 odd years first!).

If it becomes the home of Athletics, as the 2012 seem team want, what becomes of Crystal Palace? Luxury flats?

Well done DG on highlighting the elephant in the room. Even at planning stage I just could not fathom out the madness of spending half a billion pounds on a stadium that would be used for a two week event. Then, after everyone has gone home for half the stadium to be dismantled. This is insanity.

Just like the illegal wars this country keeps getting involved in there seems to be no forward planning of any kind. You can already make up the headlines for post 2012.

DG, what do you know of the rumours that the flats in the Olympic village are being built witout kitchens to encourage the athletes to use the communual dining areas? Is this true?

2012 seems like such a waste of money given the current economic climate..

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