please empty your brain below

"Smelly industrial estate" indeed. That's where I used to work! Just one factory producing glucose syrups, starches, soluble proteins, gluten and the UK's finest pure ethanol now sadly being reduced to rubble. :(

The demoliton of the concrete maize silos should be fascinating though. They've not been used for years (early 1990's) but it was always too expensive to bring them down while it was just a food factory.

I don't expect anyone else is much interested but there's some internal site photos of that smelly food factory here

it's almost like it's the centre of the planet or something with all that going on...

Ooooh, that's lovely NiC. I grew up with the whiff. I'll miss it.

There are a few taken on the riverside walk in 1979-82 here:

and more in My London Diary also

Wow, DG, how little you know. Talk about ignorance is bliss. Did you read the planning application? Did you read the submission about the subterranean conduits? Did you know that Greenwich Council lost or "lost" Thames Water's warning about sewage flooding and the fact that the mains water system is currently unable to cope with what LOCOG proposes? The voices of reason are nowhere to be found at LOCOG where, on the contrary, no one is at the tiller any more: it looks as if all "officers", from Coe downwards, have identified whom they will blame and having done so now feel no responsibility at all for the project that continues to hurtle over the cliff.

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