please empty your brain below

Spot on as usual, and succinctly put, dg.

Hmm..familiar colour scheme.

yes, well put. But should we give it another try?

Eh? Don't you mean that the green box is "the perfect box"? Assuming her dad owns a brewery.

does this diagram have the flexibiity to extend to incorporate insets/outsets for all life's little 'complications'?

Only you could make hanky panky into a statistical analysis ... but its very true. And I guess possible to change boxes over time.

Blue is the colour

Of course Blue is the colour.

However, I think this needs a third dimesion, time, and a fourth, the influence of other people.

Which then makes it not very neat and clinical any more. Thankfully, or life would be very boring.

you need another column and row showing the combinations of which of you will be blogging about the other . And whether they know you are blogging about them. And do you know that they know that you are blogging... and so on.

From the not-so-subtle clues left around here over the last few days, can I be the first immature person here to say:

Geezer and Ms Geezer blogging in a tree

/I'll get me coat

No, sorry, there's a fifth box.

You KNOW they won't leave you; they KNOW you won't leave them. No doubts at all.

This is the perfect box.

Succinct and depressing box.

According to the time on this post, it hasn't even appeared yet.

Where's the annual count when you need it?

Wishing you blue, DG

I like to think of mike's fifth box as a really really deep blue.

I've got some friends who would be turquoise. Mainly blue, but with a little bit of green in there too.

The annual count is February, Geoff.

Not long to wait then!

I'm in the blue, although it may move out of there, not from lack of wanting.

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