please empty your brain below

I fell into the trap straight away! Perhaps I should try again when I am out of the area next week.
I'm so old I can remember when all that was 30A.

(But then I'm old enough to remember when there were coal mines in Yorkshire)
It sounds ghastly, like a wander down the road to hell.
Is this real,DG, or is it your halloween trick or treat? 🤔
I'm sorry but i was overly tempted by a Greggs and i wasn't any where near the Stratford Westfield.
Does this make me a bad person?
The shopping mall does not look very busy in your photos.
As you pass through Primark, it would be remiss not to join in the tradition of picking up a pair of knickers and throwing them on the floor.
Nearly every trip I have made to Westfield has been a dash from the International station to the original one or vice versa. DG's exploration has, as ever, opened up the hidden treasures I have missed by sticking to the conventional route.
Yes, when were the photos taken? It looks pretty quiet (As most shopping centres seem to these days).
When we recently stayed in North Greenwich, someone asked us directions to Westfield We are non local Australians and had no idea where it was and when in Greater London, it was the last place we would we want to see.
How long should I plan for this walk - a half day or full day?
Would I also be able to fit in a visit to Bus Stop M or should I save that for another day?
Last time I was repatriated to Essex I went to Stratford hoping to find a pie & mash shop without success so left without spending anything. You have confirmed I would neither want to visit again or spend any money
Ah the joys of Christmas shopping
Last Saturday week I made a visit to Faversham based on one of DG's reviews - and yes it was a very nice place.

On the way I changed stations at Stratford and I have to say that I found the signposting between the domestic and international stations to be very poor to the extent that I walked through the wrong shopping centre and ended up opposite Stratford Town Hall.

When I returned from Kent at about 5pm, Westfield was packed with people and both the table tennis and the giant chess set were in use.
Walked around the Olympic park yesterday, well from the Velodrome and around in a kind of circle. It's a lovely walk. It's practically empty. So, similar to yours then!
Stratford Westfield is still hideously badly designed in that it's too small a place for the amount of footfall that comes by, and thus always makes me feel claustraphobic whenever i find myself there - which I try to do as least as possible. Have never shopped there, merely passed through.
Westfield Stratford City is much better than Westfield White City. Its not as busy as people think, just stay away from the lower ground floor food courts area where all the Chavs gather!
I have only been to Westfield White City once but it sounds a lot like Westfield Stratford City if DG's tour guide is anything to go by.
Stratford Westfield is terribly designed. One of my first jobs in London was one of the top floor restaurants and it's a nightmare getting from the station to the top level. especially when running late!
Mall walking has been a thing here in Canada for years, probably because of our harsh winters and oppressive summers!
Get on down to Romford, kev, lots of Pie and Mash shops .
I'm still looking for number 8 on your map
Walked through Westfield Stratford only once - on a Saturday last year, when visiting the Remembrance display near The Orbit - and will NEVER pass that way again.
Ghastly just doesn't do it sufficient justice.
Thanks Bob. I now want to go back to Romford after being dragged around the market 54 years ago.
Fantastic place. Those yearning for the old school pie and mash are just living in the past.
loved the description, especially as I came through yesterday on my way back from a walk along the Lea, bits of the old marshes and then through the Olympic Park.

I must set aside time to try the Westfield Wander next time I go there. I usually cut through the fastest route to get to the (K------) bakery just near the JL store but on the basement level. If the Man of Kent is running through, he probably passes it.

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