please empty your brain below

Great article, although the mosaic covers rather more than two centuries.
Fascinating - thank you DG.
Fixed, sorry.
Para 1 proper: The clinkery slope would be revealed at low tide?!
That shouldn't be a question.

Fixed, sorry.
I attended some meetings in the building on the opposite side of the bridge to the City of London School.
Had (or maybe still has) the most disturbing artwork I've ever seen. All gore and eldritch horror, so not really what you wanted when trying to finance your business.
I've been through it many times, but never knew Queenhithe existed and have learnt something new (again) - not bad for a monday morning! That is one reason why I (among many others) read your amazing blog. Thankyou DG
I worked in the building across from the City of London School for a few years. Not the best of jobs, but boy did the location make up for a lot! I still have fond memories of walking to the office through St. Paul's churchyard and having my lunch in Tate Modern.
Did our esteemed narrator cross beyond? To prove the existence of the South Bank?
Your blog is always interesting; but wow, that mosaic. Straight to the top of my "must see when next in London" list. Many thanks.
Fascinating, I never realised there was a parallel road to Upper Thames Street, Castle Barnard Street, that you can walk through. I must go and test my eyesight there
I had a nosey round the City of London School one Open House weekend. My surprise at finding they had a model railway room was only beaten by finding a friend also having a look around it, surely one of the more unlikely places in London to bump into someone you know.
Pass the area many times - but didn't know of the history - thanks again for posting this.
I checked on the National Library of Scotland maps and found this one - shows an older name "Eldred's Hithe".

St. Pauls Catherdral is reputed to be on a site of an older pagan temple dedicated to the Goddess Diana - and recently I noticed it had been marked on the same map. As you come over the Millennium footbridge and cross the main road, its as you approach St. Pauls on the left from what I can see.
I spent four and a half years at CLS but can't remember ever hearing the word "Queenhithe". I do remember that back then the school did rather dispute the "independent" description based on its relationship to the Corporation of London although we mostly heard about this in reports of arguments with the staff trade union.

A few bits of the school are outside Queenhithe - the Design & Technology block and the football pitches (in my day a tarmac playground) are in Castle Baynard with the road White Lion Hill running between them. The school's architecture is a bit convoluted because of the various roads running through the site causing several levels to be split.

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