please empty your brain below

Erm: oblivious.
Me? Smug? Never!

RogerW you beat me to it, sad now. The 368 bus route though, dg services really do go the extra mile or six. Excellent work.

What are these double-underlined advert links that are popping up all over the place on blogs, message boards, etc?

'Hunts Estate' on the 368 ? Should that be the Harts Lane Estate ? Doesn't detract from the view that it won't win any prizes for architecture though..... I did a football pools round there in the late 70s.

Two spelling errors changed, thank you.

And Kim, whatever gribbly advert links you're getting in your browser, they don't originate here.

Poor old Barking - it's never going to live down the BNP, is it?

So what are you going to do now there are no more boroughs left?

I'm sorry, but as an ex-B&D native I'm going to add further to the pedantry - it's the Harts Lane Estate, not the Harts Estate (no deer round there for many a year)

And I think Barking is quite capable of living the BNP down, in fact. Somewhere that gave the world Hardy Amies and that had (for quite some time) Tom Driberg as its MP is clearly a lot more open and tolerant than might superficially appear to be the case.

I visited Valence House a few weeks ago - unsurprisingly there were more staff about than visitors i.e. me. These local history museums have so much to offer - it's a shame that they don't see more visitors.

Thanks for a few nice reminders; my mother's family lived in Dagenham and my parents were married at St. Margaret's Barking, over sixty years ago.

Some of this is familiar, but most of it's not - the family left there before I was born (in Goodmayes) and I haven't lived in London - or even in England - for many years now.

Keep up the good work!

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