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Great stuff DG. Will print this set out one weekend and go for a walk along the old creek

I have been finding these articles about Counters Creek very interesting, particularly as I had not heard of the watercourse before. The areas you are writing about are all well know to me being a West London man. I have friends who live just off St Anne’s Road and I travel through Royal Crescent often. Now I shall think of the water flowing beneath the ground when I visit them.

I do not think the West London line is "an underused backwater with services going nowhere terrible exiting". At one time Olympia station had a motor/rail terminal with trains going to all parts of the country. Today however the line is used much more by people travelling to Westfields (Shepherds Bush) from Clapham Junction (often standing room only). Trains to Milton Keynes from Clapham Junction also use the line. It is a vital North/South link. Many freight trains use the line. Even Eurostar used to travel the tracks to its service depot before the move to St Pancras. I’m not a railway buff and no doubt others could name the services that use this line better than I, but I think the line is well used.

John, if you think Milton Keynes and Clapham Junction are "terribly exciting," I hope I'll never have to see your idea of "slightly dull."

Underused backwater? *splutter* Heavily crowded services throughout the entire week now Westfield is open, hence a doubling of Overground service frequency is on the way along with train lengthening.

Hmm, yes, not very underused any more, more ridiculously overcrowded. Let me change that...

Loving this series. I'd never heard of Counter's Creek before. But is it just my computer or are some of your pictures not coming up today? There was a full set on yesterday's post, but today 2 of them are little boxes with a red x in it. :(

Guess it must be my computer as I accidently refreshed and back some of them came! But still no pictures anymore from Saturday and earlier.

The station north of Counter's Bridge used to be a major interconnection and once was going to the be the site of a major London terminus. Didn't it? I followed your links...

Cuntassebregge-isn't that a Dutch curse?

You went right past the old Uxbridge Road station, too...


Quite right, HoosierSands. If you're seriously into swearing, Dutch is the recommended language.

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