please empty your brain below

n.b. incomplete list
(several Dickens and Shaftesburys omitted)
Not to mention Johnson Street in E1
I’m shocked. As a kid I lived in the 1950s in Dongola Road N17 and never realised it had a connotation. Well, I never saw that coming!
Bellenden Road SE15. It's even got a Prince Albert.
As you've decided to let it drop today, I thought Hanger Lane might be 'on topic'.
There’s a Clitterhouse Road, Crescent, Playing Fields and Farm near Brent Cross, in case you’re planning a vulvic follow up.

dg writes: been.
After the impressive length of your column yesterday, I'm hoping you might have more to show us later...
Come again, dg?
There's no far less beating about the bush in Edinburgh where Dick Place is to be found.
Grape Lane (which is bowdlerised from something else, if you believe the history)
So sad this blog has descended into the realms of absolute filth. After many years of loyal reading, I won't be back.
We ran out of time to visit but I want to see what is at Cockfosters.
Always said if I moved out of London into the Home Counties, Effingham and Newdigate would be my preferred locales just for the address.
Manwood Road SE4
Hampton Rise (HA3) always made me smile!
I look forward to your list of pubs.
What, no Shoot Up Hill?
I spent the first 10 years of my life living in Dongola Road (E13) and never before have I thought about the fact that it begins with an innuendo...
There’s a Dongola Road in Stepney, Tower Hamlets E1 missing from your excellent Aubergine List

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