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I doubt if I shall bother to go and watch the running event next year.
I went to the London marathon once and found it rather boring.
However I have quite enjoyed the Tour De France cycle race on the two occasions it has been here, mainly because it's fast, and there is a lot to see before the racing bikes come along.
As for my bit towards the London Olympics I have applied to be a London Ambassador volunteer an if I get through the interviews etc. (next month) I may be standing some days at a railway station or airport welcoming visitors with Olympic information and maps and helping to help make their stay enjoyable.

meanwhile, we've just had a letter from TfL about arrangements for the London-Surrey cycle race on august 14th - a dry run for the Olympic event next year.

It seems all roads along the route will be closed for eight hours - ok: i'd go another way - , except the race forms a loop completely surrounding us. And as the only railway station within the loop this side of the river is on the route, no doubt they'll close that for crowd control reasons.

So if, like me, you've got a train or plane to catch that morning, think again!

"One of the FEW spectators".

Hi David,

I have an opening for a sub-editor/proof-reader. Must be available daily between 7am and 7:05am. Feel free to contact me with as many supposed grammatical errors as you like between those times.


Glad my efforts are appreciated! Seriously, "one of the only". Wonder what you would think if a PR exec sent you that in one of the famous emails you get.

Big fan of the 'blog, in case you were in any doubt.

Did you get any Olympics tickets DG?

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