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I do yearn for a bit of predictable stodge sometimes
These kinds of places certainly make it easier when you've got a group of friends with a wide range of preferences - fussy, veggie, vegan, hate spicy food etc!

I guess having several outlets in the same place allows them to pool their resources and save on rent compared to each of them having their own space?
What I found odd about the Croydon set-up is that each individual outlet has seating in its own little area, in addition to the main communal seating. In other places I've visited, the outlets front directly onto the main courtyard, and there is only the communal option for sitting.
My first memory of this sort of venue was the basement of the Trocadero in the West End where they had a world food court offering, candidly mainly Asian food that was probably brought over from the nearby Chinatown, but it seemed so exotic back then.
Hackney Bridge Stratford E15 2SJ talk about marketing lying to try and be a bit more edgy and urban!

dg writes: It is in Hackney, not Newham.
I was rather hoping for a second edition today, so thank you. The Tomato ketchup reference got me thinking. Back in the day it was always red sauce or sometimes tomato sauce at ours. Then at some point we called it ketchup too.
I recall there being some snobbery about Westfield Stratford’s two food courts when it opened. The cramped, darker lower ground floor was dedicated to the cheaper, mass market options like McDonalds. Upstairs, where it’s lighter and more spacious, offered sushi, sourdough pizza, pies and the like but your wallet took a greater hit.
• Made In Puglia - classic Neapolitan pizzas

What? That can’t be right.
Certainly not like that, Naples is not in Puglia. They may do classic Neapolitan pizza as an extra on their menu for those that find orecchiette too adventurous.

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