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I would not describe the Bow Flyover or the East London Mosque as fascinating places, just functional.
This section of road really does need a good clean up. Some of the buildings look very dirty outside, and haven’t seen a fresh coat of paint for a long time.

If the DG consortium gets the tender, the Guardian will surely have to run a piece on innovative uses for blogging number 226 "winning public service regeneration contracts!".

I drove along that road a couple of weeks ago. Maybe they could do something about, I think it was Leytonstone High Street, where the road dwindles down to a one way single lane brick covered partly pedestrianised thing. On the map it was a big green road the whole way along, but I was stuck for about 20 mins thinking, am I supposed to be even driving a car along this bit of road? But yes the whole area was a bit of a dump. Going back wasnt much better, I went further south and was stuck next to some Eurostar sidings and an actual dump for ages.

Do you understand the Corporate Bollocks™ written in those official extracts well enough to know what they are requiring?

Actually, thinking, sadly the answer is probably yes...

I'll do a spell for the success of your scheme if you promise to write your tender documents in Plain English rather than in Corporate Bollocks™.

And, on an Olympic related subject - hasn't Seb Coe become officious and another Corporate Bollocks™ speaker of late? I heard him talking about the subject of regeneration on R4 earlier in the week and was very dismayed.

All that Whitchapel/Mile End/Bow/Stratford needs are a few trees and brighter street lighting. This stretch of road is a wonderful mix of East End culture and it would be a shame if Tower Hamlets revamped this place to look something like Notting Hill. But, that's progress...

The reason that the project is not to be named "Olympic Boulevard" is because a request to use the trademark word "Olympic" has been refused by the powers that be, therefore an alternative name had to be found at the last minute.

Bit busy in early January, but am able to offer this surefire winner of an idea: one big long red carpet

Cycle lanes, pavement, demolish south bow, rebuild Mile End station, lighting, restore shop fronts.

When I lived in Bow my pipe dream was to build a new road north from Bow Road up to roman with shops along it to try and reconnect the station and the district center (the seperation of which seems to be the biggest cause of Bow's failure to work as a place to live).

Is the street going to be renamed High Street 2012? Is the person who lives at number 2012 going to have the address 2012 High Street 2012?

No the street is not going to be renamed, the current historical names ie Whitechapel High Street, Whitechapel Road, Mile End Road, Bow Road and High Street E15 will remain but will collectively be known as High Street 2012.

Shame. As a resident of High Street 2012, I might have been looking forward to a 2012 High Street 2012 type address.

And I am quietly gobsmacked (disappointed, shocked and even appalled) if it's true that the Olympic Delivery Authority won't allow a local authority to use the word "Olympic" in the name of a not-for-profit redevelopment scheme. Next thing they'll be trying to stop the world from using the number "2012" in case it overlaps their global brand priorities (or some other self-centred greediness).

French? American more like... there are more Blvd's round here than I care to recall - and yes, they're all "Blvd.". seems like the yanks don't want to have to remember how to spell "Boulevard" either.

If us Yanks are to blame for renaming your street it would be renamed Main Street 2012. I've never seen a High Street in USA. Regarding Blvd., yes I have trouble with the spelling, but Blvd. indicates a very wide street. I doubt that many towns are willing to widen streets to fit the name.

Just to confirm to everyone where I got my information from, It was reported in this weeks edition of the East London Advertiser 0n page 6 under the heading "Olympic snub for Whitechapel" which reported that organisers had refused Tower Hamlets use of the name and to quote what the report actually said, "The Olympic Organising Committee said that use of the five-rings logo and the word Olympic were controlled to ward off fraudsters and those seeking to make a quick buck by association". As a local resident who is living less than 50 metres from the Olympic site(along with my new neighbour Amy Winehouse) I am concerned that perhaps they know more about my Local Council than I do.

Here is the page from London 2012 about protecting the Olympic brand.
The I.O.C. aggressively pursues unauthorized use of the name "Olympic." The Vancouver 2010 committee recently demanded that a fifteen year old pizzaria rename itself. By the way, "2012" is also a protected trademark.

Count me in! Needs:

a thorough hosing down
a lick of paint
a general tidy up
more trees
cycle lanes
art installations
1 less starbucks

Go for it, our new CEO - DG!

I'd be interested in knowing to what extent the I.O.C. "protected the Olympic brand" when The Olympics was held in Athens!

What about Queen Mary's and the New Globe, they've fascinated my life greatly!

What about pedestrianisation? The 25 bus is only used because it's free. The traffic would either peter out by 2012 (TM) or find other routes to the olympics (TM)

This doesn't sound like "corporate bollocks": it sounds like expensive corporate “welfare” bollocks, which is slightly different. It is the type of bollocks that gets written when local or gummint officials have taxpayer cash burning a hole in their pocket and want to get a bit of “retail therapy”, or want to build something with their name on. From the tone, the ideas are to come from corporate bidders. So they do a "Canary Wharf" on the area. Is that what the locals want?
El director has it: just a few gentle improvements that doesn’t result in yuppies taking over the area. Or you’ll REALLY get Starbucked.

Does this mean that you could be building your own Blue Wall?

Looks as if you are almost 'brainstorming' some ideas here. May be its a leveraged way to get some changes. ie let someone win it and already have 50 great ideas for improvements.

Whoever wins needs inspiration from somewhere. What better than a fabulous list courtesy of DG?

It would be entertaining to make the ideas somehow the intellectual property of this site and then provide an in perpetuity license, subject to eg a statue or some other form of tokenistic and newsworthy item being administered.

regards rashbre

flashgordonnz has infringed my copyright on "corporate bollocks™", by quoting it, I'll have to sue...

Just make sure the Walls are the correct shade of Blue please.

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