please empty your brain below

Fatboys Diner is some where that I will visit when next travel to the UK. I find the US style diners just fantastic, I have visited approx 33 in the USA.

Thank you for the reminder, DG - I took the little boat across and enjoyed poking around.

You tease DG! Tell us about the hugely more important thing.

Is the boat service permanent? I found this at the Trinity Buoy Wharf website: but can't see any mention of the service at the Thames Clippers website.

Ah yes, I spotted that timetable too.

This suggests that the Predator boat service is permanent, and normally costs £2 a crossing. Or maybe it's free.

Cheaper than the proposed cable car!

I contacted Thames Clippers, and they say it's only a Monday to Friday service, so the info on the Trinity Buoy Wharf site is out of date. Email Thames Clippers at [email protected] and they'll send you an up to date timetable. I don't think it's on the website.

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