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Already booked my tickets for the beach volleyball in August

This week, I wrote to LOCOG asking them why the supplemental ballots are discriminatory.

My family has applied for 'popular' events, as well as preliminary tickets for sports that we want to see, e.g. Hockey (my daughter plays). This way we are guaranteed to have at least one entrance to the Olympic Park.

However, whilst it is certain that I will get the Hockey tickets, I have no knowledge whether I will get any tickets for sold out events.

Consequently, I will be excluded from the first ballot behind those people who have only applied for 'popular' events, and consequently achieved none.

Yes, I know that some events might be slightly sold out, and that would be disappointing for the individuals concerned, however, our family has shown a commitment to supporting the Games in general (16 applications in total - across four sports + ceremonies).

Thoughts, anyone?

the lack of information about why hardly anyone has had money debited yet is appalling. They keep repeating the "60% by midnight tonight" figure but based on searching twitter and online it appears that still virtually no-one has tickets

I also read somewhere that there is a chance you could get debited more than once - if someone gets allocated tickets but fails to pay, then those tickets will be reallocated to people who failed in the first ballot, hence getting debited again

Let's just hope that their organisation during the Olympics is better than this shambolic episode, eh?

If one were asked to design a bad system for allocation of tickets, I suspect it would be hard to think of a worse one. Other, maybe, than making people queue up in person, at just one ticket window, with no toilet or refreshment facilities... any advance on that?

Well, they've still taken nothing from me either. I surely can't have failed on everything, can I?

I mean, I know that virtually everything I picked has "sold out" (really? cos I've chosen some of the obscure stuff), but I find it hard to believe I haven't been succesful at all - I deliberately went for "early rounds" for most things, to minimise my chance of dissappointment.

I agree its most likely to be debited after 'pay day' for most people - we are just into that window now.

Is there a twitter olympic tickets hashtag?

Update! I have got two of my chosen sessions - from an application of about 17 or 18. No idea what of course...

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