please empty your brain below

We are watching you or reading you :-)
Jolly good: but the mis-spelling of terabyte (or maybe terror byte?) gave it away.
It is all looking double plus bad
Could be taken straight from Scarfolk (or the Government's latest press release).
Scarfolk? Indeed it is. This is nothing new seeing as Scarfolk rationed democracy in 1970.

BTW. Can I just get a Godwin in early. Mumble, mumble, this is just like Nazi Germany.
I can't for a minute imagine which two newspapers the ads were placed in!! :D
I'm also surprised that the "volunteers" haven't been supplied via the government's punitive Community Service Sentence better known as Help-To-Work? They've missed a trick there, getting people to spy for free or risk losing their benefits!

What's more scary is that this could be entirely plausible!
I'm not saying the terrorist threat isn't real, but I went on terrorism awareness training on Monday... There is a massive organisation out there carrying out this work at enormous expense.
However, only a handful of people have been killed or injured by terrorists in recent years, while thousands have been killed and tens of thousands injured in road traffic accidents. I'm not sure we have it in perspective.
كذلك، بطبيعة الحال، هذا كما نتوقع جميعا. لا نريد جميعا أخ الأكبر تبدو لنا بعد؟ بيد أننا بدأنا ليشعر وكأنه هو أخذ الأخ الكبير على الكثير جداً. وعليه جعل حياته أسهل والكتابة بلغات أخرى استخدام المختصرات مناسبة بغية إنقاذه من عناء منا.
My eyes re-focused on the screen. I discovered that while I sat helplessly musing I had also been typing, as though by automatic action. And it was no longer the same cramped, awkward font as before. My hands had slid voluptuously over the keyboard, typing in large neat capitals


And yet disturbing too.
The important thing is not to let the Government, & security services, get scared into implementing such legislation. You know, like the US have been!
I presume slang and codes will also be prohibited?
Excellent. I like the Home Office mission statement.
Much of the security apparatus globally is a complete waste of time and effort in my view. I agree with RogerB. Hey - why go to all the trouble of blowing up a plane? Just go to Heathrow and blow up more people ... queuing up to go through "security"!
I don't think this is funny at all.
What's got into you! Your blogs are usually such high caliber!
How on earth did you manage to get the location? I only read blogs via a reader - I understood that only a website visit have tracking info.
Back to the usual style soon please DG.
Sometimes your sense of humour passes me by, but this is terrific on every level
Google Translate comes in very useful sometimes.
Brilliantly chilling. Let's beware of supporting 'emergency long-term legislation'!
Which are the two papers? I haven't noticed the advert in any of my regular reads. I think these positions might be right up my street. Excellent work (as usual).
Blah, blah. Stick to travelogues.
No, please don't stick to the 'travelogues'. Not that anyone would expect you to be directed by others what to publish. Blah blah.
Fantastic work, sends a chill up the spine

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