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Lovely flower pics! 😊
5,23 two "Sheesh"es. Not a word I remember you using before, but I'm sure you have.

dg writes: 98 times.
11 wait till someone shows him Google street view
Don't believe it.
6. I thought a Gold Card was originally marketed as a Network South East Card bonus for your annual season ticket so I would not have worried.
11. Sorry you had to deal with the aggressive privacy fanatic. I suggest they don’t go out in public because CCTV and camera phones are ubiquitous. Including (see 3) supermarkets.

But now you’ve drawn attention to the location, the evolution of the site in the Google street view is fascinating. Dilapidated bungalows, renovated, then demolished and now replaced by a terrace. The greenery is somewhat less a year or two ago so you get a very good view of the houses and cars. The neat hedge in front of the property next door slowly grows into a thicket.
12. Not sure why sewage would need repair: much of it is already too big for comfort.
11. I wonder how Rylstone Close got a Waltham Forest LBC street nameplate? Over the border we don’t have postal district numbers on them.
However, no doubt you are in Essex here - just look at the crater-like potholes.
6. If it was the "National Rail" booking office at Stratford, I've had problems when describing very clearly the ticket I wanted and getting the wrong thing. At the same time, clerk no. 2 could not understand the destination that the slightly deaf old lady was requesting in rural Sussex, but was beyond the comprehension of the clerk, even with the customer spelling it out.

17. Neatly avoided with a postal vote.
18. I think you are missing the point of the show - clue, it's entertainment. Saying that, this has been one of the best series so far, after last year's recovery. The previous few seasons were almost unwatchable (cringeworthy in the extreme - a lot of fast forward needed), a credit to the producers.

25. I didn't think the video would work. Now. I have dilemma, do I click on it, or not?!
13. Nasty views AND they litter. Terrible people.
12. Sewerage!
22. Such a good person, Susan Hall. Simply radiates beneficence, loves London, loves all Londoners. She would be an ideal choice to steward the city over the next four years. Oh yes.
15: Didn't realise air fryers were still a thing...thought that fad peaked two years ago. I'm almost exclusively a stove-top chef, so have no need of one.
4. It's good that developers now recognise the value of canals, rather than just fencing them off as they often used to. They still don't always "get" them though, hence that craned-in narrowboat, overuse of Quays as a name for new developments elsewhere, and a nearby one called The Lock despite being on a long lock-free stretch several miles from the nearest one.
12) Locally we were led to understand it was a sinkhole that caused the problem. Of course, it could be a sinkhole that led to the need for sewerage repairs.

I was totally unaware of the diversion. I think they quickly gave up and just terminated the 466 at Old Coulsdon which must have been really inconvenient for the folks of Caterham-on-the-Hill and some customers of the Tesco there.
28 as commented on the relevant I understand
15. I had the same concern about counter-top space but my Daewoo model SDA1032 (brilliant and only £39.99 from Robert Dyas) stores easily in my now unused main oven.
29. They’ve just sent another undelivered book, quite possibly the sixth, and I’m currently carrying it round Ealing looking for a large enough slot.
3: My local Tesco Express has cameras everywhere, which they use to track what you pick up and then automatically already have it all up on the till. You have to scan your receipt when you leave to exit (though you can just do it all via the app and pay automatically, but that's a little much for me).

4: I found that very strange as well.

9: It's nice to be able to ride over again (which I did on Sunday).
1 - it went to a good home.

3/11 - Tesco are filming me.
Bloke in Sewardstone - some random is filming me (I doubt the 'I was taking a photo of the road sign' explanation helped).

18 - so nothing has changed then.

23 - I'm sure you remarked in a previous post or comment that you were going to do something on what you'd seen in Wembley, but it wasn't worth it's own blog, so you'd leave until next year and add it in as part of the 100th anniversary of the BEE. So you remembered, then forgot.
29. You may know this already - but in the spirit of sharing information : there is an obscure but quite useful function on the Royal Mail website which lets you find nearby Parcel Postboxes. These have drawers rather than just slots and are very handy - indeed, essential - for posting oversize items. You have to use the Find Services Near Me page and then filter by Location Type.
4. I walked past on the canal a couple of weeks ago, but managed to miss that!
5. I've had that dream a lot, though not for a few months (tempting fate)
14. I hope I'm not too late today
23 - Yes, I was also looking forward to your views on the Wembley developments.
16 - there’s a house close to that one with Laurel and Hardy outside, although they have been known to disappear at times.
15 - we got an air fryer when our oven broke and couldn't afford a new one. Now we have a new oven but hardly use it as the air fryer does everything we need....
24. That's exactly where I once saw Su Pollard.
Saw Noel Gallagher the same day near Warwick Avenue.
23 - I'm torn on the Wembley development. The old buildings were great and could have been redeveloped into _something_ I'm sure. And I'm not a fan of all the high-rise either. Saying that, parts of Wembley were a dump, let's not pretend it was all lovely. The stadium itself was way past its best, it was crumbling, had awful views from many seats and nostalgia aside, just wasn't a great place to watch football from. So something needed doing to regenerate a bit of a run down area, I'm just not sure what they have done is the best that could have been done.
10 - Going to the mosque isn't really the celebratory bit of Eid. The menfolk go for the formal Eid prayers which are quite solemn, the fun starts at homes and carries on as families start receiving visitors and and friends meet up.

Yes, the weather was really not amenable to the outfits usually worn - nobody wants to cover up their finery under winter coats. But as you say, this will be the way for the next 20 Eids in the UK until it returns to August/September again. My baby nephews won't experience a summer Eid until they have finished university!
11. What a thoroughly unpleasant man in Sewardstone. He's probably involved in something illegal or dubious.
Part of me wishes you had said that you will bring your 1,000 friends round to his place, so that his house can be identified.
Oh, in a way, you have done - good for you!!
7 - Not limited to tourists - I was one of said plonkers jumping up on to the rails that day! Dried my toes at the Trafalgar, whilst hoovering up some whitebait.
11. Got no time for him.
13. Love you.
22. Got no time for her.
24. Love her.
18 - not a great fan of The Apprentice. I'd love to see new versions with older 'trainees' (maybe several different series - one for those in their Thirties, one for those in their Fifties, and one for retirees, just for the heck of it), all of whom would have an extra level of 'oh yeah?', some real-world experience and humour as they go about questionable tasks. I suggested this to the BBC and only had silence in return.
15. We succumbed at the start of the year when our oven was out of action for a month. I'm not convinced either (too small for a family of 7) but at least it stops the oven going on/off all day as a succession of young adults individually cook their frozen pizza snacks!
13. Thank you.
14. Positively pulchritudinous! I won’t ask but eagerly await a future update on the rose bush
27. I've bought several of Anne's books and they are lovely
4. The developers wanted the boat to be either on the canal or to build a new dock for it, the Canal and River Trust said no to both; the community liaison group said a boat would be good anyway.
Personally, I think it is the CandR Trust that looks stupid in this case.
12/13 - from one end of London to the opposite in a day.

26 - A year late to celebrate Barbie, but guess the colour is more available now.
11. You have far more patience than me. I would have kicked him right up the pixels.
9. The brand new cycle lane will be closing soon for further stabilisation works, but at least there's been confirmation it'll be back after that!

13. Good on you!

22. The front page of Hall's manifesto looks straight out of a Canva template.

3. Greg, does the 'auto-scan' work well?
14 part 2. The azaleas are still lovely. A few are past their peak, but most are still in perfect bloom, so I'd highly recommend a visit.
30. I would only have recognised the actual Dr!
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13. Transgender person here, just wanted to say thank you (and watch out for the (possibly aprocryphal) razor blades said to sometimes lurk beneath).

21. Your photo is near a prime spot for supporters, it's where we've always gone when watching friends, or when I've looked for friends when I've been running. Easy to spot people, at a time in the course when support is much needed.
Perhaps they'd been working at home but were rushing around at lunchtime (Elverson Road, Lewisham) and after work (Elverson Road, Deptford Bridge) trying to get to as many supermarkets as possible to stock up on discounted Easter eggs, which is a very serious business
29. Thank you for the lovely mention! Much appreciated.

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