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Ah, Mark of the Rani. I'm a Delgado man, but do rather enjoy the moustache-twirling Ainley. Started well (Castrovalva) and finished well (Survival), with some undeniably dubious stuff in between (Time Flight et al).

I believe I have rather shown my hand there...
That tile museum sounds fascinating. I may have to wander down there.
Never realised there was so much around there (beyond the bridge and Blists hill). The tile and China museum sound especially good.

Add to my (long) list of places to visit.

Thank you!
Thanks, may have to go again. I hadn’t realised there were so many additional bits outside the main sites.
I've been there several times since the '80's and there is always something new - I must go again next year and spend my old pennies at Blists Hill!
All good stuff. I am so impressed by your energy and enthusiasm. Also by the meticulous planning; and by the reminder of how it is still possible to manage such things without using a car.
Maybe not the best Dr Who, but the outdoor scenes are beautiful, filmed as it was at the same time of year 35 years ago.

Incidentally the best Cornish pasty I ever had I bought at the bakery at Ironbridge. Did you call in there by any chance?
I was looking forward to the Tar Tunnel because that's the one I really wanted to do but was too late (couldn't get daughter out of Blists Hill). Darn it.
I walked down the Hay Inclined Plane on an A Level history trip in 1982 ... thirty years later I re-identified it from vague memory and appreciated its significance. The tile museum sounds like somewhere that would make me faint with delight.
My partner is from Shrewsbury and so we have had frequent trips to Shropshire in the last 25 years. With three kids (all now adults) it was difficult to find somewhere to stay and youth hostels became our friends. The one next to the Coalport china museum is great and they have private single, double and family rooms.

The cooling towers of the Ironbridge power station are due to be demolished before the end of the year. They are such a landmark that it will be weird to visit and not see them.
No-one is ever too old for an Archimedes Screw. Lots of fun. Let yourself go and indulge yourself occasionally.
Hear, hear Joan. YHA Coalport is to be recommended. It's converted from the original china works industrial buildings. We walked across the footbridge past the pubs you mentioned DG, but unfortunately the Tile Museum was closed. The pubs were open...
Would it be fair to say that many of us readers would take a little longer (a) to walk between the various sites, and (b) "do" each site? You seem to be able to take a lot in very quickly (and rarely stop for rest or refreshment). An overnight stay might be wise.

dg writes: a) No. b) Yes
What really angered me was that despite the Industrial Revolution being the most important contribution Great Britain has given to the world, these set of museums are not set up for day visitors from our capital city. Getting from the railway station to Coalbrookdale is a right palaver.
If that makes you angry, you should probably calm down a bit.
I thought Blist Hill sounded familiar, then remembered that it was featured in Elizabeth George's mystery novel “The Punishment She Deserves”
Sarah in California

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