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21 - The Green Chain Walk page you link to is noticeably short of any details of section 13. I couldn't find any mention of it on their news pages, either.
19 - Can‘t see what a takeaway in Wakefield has to do with the clearance sale at WHS.
26. Got me!
21. Just settling in with a bowl of porridge, to discover the delights of Section 13… some good geographic content, no lists. Oh well.
20 ... We used to come across the occasional solid chocolate ones in packets of Club biscuits ... always a treat.
27 I'm guessing you plan to ride all the H buses that serve Harrow
11. I’m amazed it lasted until Wednesday. Bow opportunists are slow.
22. The saddest thing here is stigmatising any form of brain-exercise by using the word "sad".
18. I also went to Donny for a day trip this month, just to see, and found it rather less unpleasant than I was expecting (mind you, I didn't go to Edlington, which really does seem to in part be urban hell). But agreed re the lack of substantive sights, although the city museum/art gallery, while on the small side, has its highlights, notably about a long gone sand house and the miners' strike of 1984. It felt and looked a bit to me more like a city than countless similar-ish post-industrial northern r or midlands towns to me, though. Not sure I will be rushing back though.
1. Put the watch in the washing machine inside a sock with your next wash load. Max. temp. 40 deg. C.
Am I the only one who can't read the blog on my mobile for the last few days because it's gone all super wide?
27. Not to mention Hampstead and Hounslow.
25. "Repacement" could be a new word, meaning the imposition of speed limits.
4. Maybe they just don’t clean the buses very often?
15. £150! Nice. You can buy a new watch.
1. Andrew ... how the dickens do you get the washing machine inside a sock?
26. Woolly good DG.
30/31: off to Oslo for the first time in June, so looking forward to your comments.
17. Are those numbers right? As you are increasing in popularity, that suggests you started writing in Roman times.

27. I shall enjoy reading about Hounslow, Havering and Harington Road.

28. Costumers do not feel shame, rightfully.
I think I spotted what you're up to here on 2. 1 got me though.
8. Gareth Hale was in my form at senior school, a very handsome, popular boy who was good at rugby but always nice to me, one of his smaller, weedier classmates. I was amazed when I found out about his fame via Friends Reunited in the Noughties.
White rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit!
29. The thought of you joining the Easter getaway to go to Norway...hmm.
3. I met GB once in Starbucks, Barnes, which he frequents.

6. Probably Pertwee's least-good season with the last two serials being his worst. The Sea Devils is brilliant, of course
21. I assume Green Chain 13 is the false one?

27. Enjoy the H2. Hampstead Garden Suburb is lovely to go around slowly.

31. If you haven't been yet in Oslo, I recommend the Vigeland Park - seriously amazing statuary. The Munch museum's also good (if you like Munch obvs).
7) Disappointment with Smokie probably because Roy Chubby Brown was ruining a good song, plus Chris Norman was not singing lead. 'Smokie' are dire now. Time they gave up.
30/31 Went to Oslo in January. Snow was deep on the ground and fell for a while whilst we were there. Favourite places were Frogner Sculpture Park, Munch Museum and Grünerlokka Brygghus. Opera House roof a little slippy to fully enjoy. Trams and First Aid Kit FTW though.
19. I think there is a clue in that photo
20. I'm still waiting for the most exciting biscuit experience of my lifetime, not that I have any specific expectations.
15 - You seem to be always lucky.
50p and Banksy underground map how do you do it ?
If this is today’s task, then Doncaster day trip, Oslo and 78 million visitors seem likely candidates.
12. Told you!
14. And flies! They all share the one brain cell!

16.'Hacking together' is how I DIY too!

30. Isn't that aka Moominland?
Ten minutes to go...
8. In the days when even a junior BBC job gave access all areas, I watched several Pertwee Dr Whos being made from the studio gallery. Special effects may well have been quite crude, but did make extensive use of film techniques such as mattes, combined with fades and green screen, which were then only possible electronically. The world has moved on since 1971.
1 - I have a small weather station on a windowsill and the 'Set' button has died. Consequently I can no longer adjust it to display the correct sunrise/sunset times, phases of the moon etc, but it does show accurate indoor/outdoor temperatures and humidity levels so is still useful for a few things.
15. Have the Royal Mint lost all sense of pride? The web page about the Kew Gardens 50p looks as though it's been lifted straight off a local news clickbait website.

29. Passport expiry rules make train tickets look simple! An expiry date that isn't seems somewhat unhelpful.
20. Pray, where can I buy DG brand digestives?
3. I'm amazed by how you always seem to spot famous people around! Don't think I'd recognise most even if I were staring straight at them or chances are too in a rush to notice.

30. Enjoy your holiday!
25 ... and its wearing a wig.
6. Not the best Pertwee stories but I still say the poorest of the Letts / Dicks era is better than most Doctor Who before or since. Hinchcliffe came up with some absolute gems too though.
To go from having used 0 Zone 4-6 stations on March 1st to having used all 220-odd Zone 4-6 stations by April 1st is an impressive achievement indeed.
18. Went to Doncaster, and didn't have a few in the Coach and Horses??
2. You are Diamond Geezer and I claim my £5.
Can we expect the true unblogged activities tomorrow rather on this first day of April?
9. If I didn't know better, I'd have sworn we were getting back into Dickerage Lane territory here.
28. Imagining the number of times you must have blinked while taking in your neighbor's attire. :)
27 -- Hampstead and Highgate, or Ham and High as the local paper calls it.
19- WH Smith is so outdated it's surprising it lasted until 2012.
1. I don't know if it's any better or worse but on my similar Casio watch: I got as far as 15th March wondering why it was showing the wrong date before realising and resetting it!
2. mclm, I think there's perhaps a 10% chance that that's what the secret count is, you know.
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18. The South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum is quite interesting, as it has far more "random bits of aircraft" than most aviation museums. The town museum was worth a visit too.

It's not somewhere I'd choose to visit JUST for those sites though. Very good transport connections though.
(6) - pity this one wasn't true - would have been more fun for you than the real number 6 :-)


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