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29 I was alarmed when I went out during the afternoon and discovered it was t-shirt weather. It shouldn't be t-shirt weather at the end of October.
5 If it's Outlook 2013 you can enable modern auth.
5 : Try using Thunderbird, it’s my default email client on both Windows Laptop and raspberry pi.
12: Mast years? That's really interesting. And I have seen a ton of acorns this year. Always learn something new here!
5. I can recommend Thunderbird too! It even lets you create your own local folders and doesn't have the awful archive issues I used to get with Outlook
4: It might be on the canal but that ain't a narrowboat.
5: Will also endorse the recommendations above for Thunderbird as a viable replacement for Outlook email, been using it for many years as it can also handle multiple email accounts.
7 - I had visions of power cuts, drone strikes and dead people - but I don't think you meant it that way.

23 - Overnight ratings stand at 3.7m, consolidated are yet to be published but normally add around 1m, the first episode of the 2018/19 run got 10.5m consolidated. Awful writing, awful acting, the audience has left the building.

28 - the odd thing about the modern left is that they are happy to condemn censorship of free speech by governments but are relaxed when it's been outsourced to unelected companies. Elon isn't the saviour the right think he is either.
12 - at the tail end of summer, after the ludicrous temperatures, leaves fell prematurely from trees and the over-abundance of acorns was very apparent. It was said that this was a clever survival mechanism but I saw no mention of the Mast Year affect until the last couple of weeks.
30 - the count was 12. Anything from the 80s onwards (with one exception) proved easy. 5 were automatic. The two from 1930s and 1760s were dealt with by stopping them for an hour as winding them on 12 makes for a lot of chimes to wait for.

The count should be 13 but for the exception which is our alarm clock relies on a radio signal to update, the manual option appearing not to work. And in a house with 3' stone walls in the middle of nowhere we have to wait for the right atmospheric conditions or phase of the moon or something for said radio signal to reach sufficient strength.

Alarm clock is yet to update.
30 - 26 timepieces checked
14 - I think you need to shop around more.
5. I'll endorse the recommendations for Thunderbird. I see Geezer's posts via its RSS reader.
5. I'm not seeking an alternative email client, thanks.
23: I stopped watching it about 4 years when it got all woke and preachy instead of sublime science fiction plots.
30: I had 4 to change, including my boiler timer. As I like analogue watches, I suspect I will be manually changing at least one for a long time to come!
25. It's believed (by some) that it is the appearance of comets which signify changes of leadership; e.g. 1066 and 1997.
12. Agree with Jayne. Had commented to my wife on the number of acorns this year.
Had never heard of "mast year" before. Fascinating. Thanks dg.
1: Transport organizations nowadays are well-known of hiring enthusiasts as top management, albeit with mixed results. If Sir Peter was not an enthusiasts prior to his service in transport industries, apparently he tries to be one now.
20; your apple crumble post made me laugh out loud. Will I ever be able to eat it again without thinking of LT?
11. The picture of that narrowboat has made my millennium!
2. It was me!

5. Oh great, that's something I can probably look forward to as well!

8. Laughed out loud!!

9. I weighed my wheelie bag and the one I sling over my shoulder after lugging one weekly grocery shop home on the bus and it was almost 100lbs combined weight! Never underestimate the strength of a woman with a number of teens to feed!

11. How wonderful!

12. According to Chris Packham on Autumnwatch last week. beech trees mast every other year, so maybe oaks do too?

14. Tell me about it! (see also 9. above)

23. I agree, excellent ending!

30. I moved my 4 timepieces back to a happier time!
2: Well done on 127 visitors!

(And, Cornish Cockney, well done on waiting to post at 11:11)
18. Are you familiar with It collects/builds podcast streams so you can listen to a huge archive of old BBC (and other) radio output. I mention this as I listened to all of cabin pressure for the first time last year using this link in my podcast player.
22. Happened to me. I wish I’d been more resourceful, as you were, and checked google before going straight to both my landlord and estate agent about it and then having to apologise for not doing the obvious research first.
16, 21 - We all got away with it. Perhaps. Maybe. Not sure. We'll never know. Well, you might.
1. A nice afternoon out before the route was cut and sectioned was to get the 37 bus at Hounslow and ride to Peckham and back again
30 - The downside with all three clocks in my flat updating automatically is that I then have this nagging doubt that they haven't updated automatically and I'm now an hour out.

The only one that needs changing manually is the microwave and that hasn't been updated for years as it's not worth the hassle trying to remember how to do it.
15 - A different Jerry H who died recently appears on Google but that was after you noticed the extra traffic. I've just been down to West Drayton cemetery in case there were any clues. I thought I was in luck when I saw someone by the grave as I approached who might be there for a reason, but then realised it was one of the statues. No recent tributes with pertinent messages so I'm none the wiser. There's even more marble flooring though around now than in your photo.
1. I hope you introduced yourself to Sir P H. He's very approachable.
8) I'll have to remember that one.

28) I'm not exactly thrilled about that news either but as someone who has a carefully curated Twitter experience I will continue to use that hellsite unless things really go downhill.

29) I felt a bit overdressed at one point that day with my jacket but I was glad of it later when it started to rain. Also, it felt surprisingly hot on the Victoria line compared to the other lines I traveled on. Not even the Central line was that bad.
29 -- here in Niagara we are expecting 20 degree temps for the first weekend of November, which is even more bizarre. As the locals like to say, "we'll pay for this".

27. Woolwich (Elizabeth Line) Station only has two ticket machines, both of which were out of order last Tuesday morning. A frazzled member of staff was valiantly attempting to deal with the increasingly long queue.
#5: The online version(s) of Oulook are the spawn of the devil and makes it well nigh impossible to keep track of / archive / search for emails in any meaningful way (according to the other person living in this place. And I tend to agree.)
From time to time a new version of Outlook - regrettably - has had to be purchased. Much as I hate pouring money down that sink, it saves time and it is very good for anger management.

#31 I went and had a look at the new MoL/LA web site design, in the hope that there was a "tell us what you think" questionnare with a free text option to *actually* tell them what you think. There was!
It does help to zoom (ctrl-mouse-wheel) to get the font to a comfortable (smaller) size for reading, but the headings don't follow suit. So that's what I told them.
20 - That nice looking crumble is so tantalisingly close to giving us a reflection of our beloved leader.

dg writes: not at that angle it isn't.
2 - what little I remember about probability seems to suggest that it must've been someone and might have been anyone, including me.
23 - consolidated now published, 5.1m for a regeneration episode.

31 - they say less is more, although loads of people consume the internet on their mobiles rather than their laptops.
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4: That’s lovely, thanks for sharing it. Mind bending at first. In return I offer you

1-31: I enjoy these posts every month.
1. Sir Peter Hendy and Leon Daniels shared the driving of said vehicle all day.

RML 2735 is owned by Mr Hendy, so not only were you seated near him, you were on his bus!, and as the ex TFL celeb duo took turns with the driving all day, so the chauffeur on your journey would have been Leon Daniels! A “transport royalty” trip indeed!
4. Thanks for Wordall. No doubt inspired by that situation where you have 3 guesses left and have already thought of 4 words that fit. (easier if you turned off Hard Mode)
10. Saga wanted to put my car insurance up by over 50%, a few minutes on the Money suoermarket website found an identical policy for less than the current rate of inflation. A day later, Green Flag wanted a 60% increase in my car breakdown policy, 5 minutes on the phone to them and the price was back to last year's. What is it about insurance companies that they think they can pull our plonkers like this?
Tues 25th the Truss Sunak Astrology angle, of course yes! I claim to be interested in astronomy but hadn't seen that although I did catch and photo-thru-cloud the eclipse.
11. The Boat of Fame is up for sale :(

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