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I spent a lot of time up that way in a past life, so to speak, and never knew of its existence! If I'm ever local again I shall surely make the trip at a time to catch this when it's open. Thanks for the heads-up DG. And I love the K1 pic and Central line to Denham too. Never seen either before...
Lowestoft used to have trams, as I'm sure you know. I believe there were still some tramlines in the town when I was a child, though the trams themselves were long gone.
The "50 Years" event in 2012 was something special with seven of the eight surviving London trolleybuses all in use.
The Crick tramway museum in Derbyshire is also brilliant for tram enthusiasts!
Great blog post, discovering yet another lost treasure hidden behind the decades past.
I love the EATM. It's essentially a giant Scalextric racing set for trolleybuses. A not dissimilar one at Sandtoft, somewhere north of Watford apparently.

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