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I read the article. It was so effusive, I looked for an "advertisement" heading but didn't see one.

Between the cities of London and Westminster, surely it should be Intercity, not Midtown?
"Midtown". Urgh.
I walked along Leather Lane last weekend. Many of the old caffs have left replaced by shops that massage their owners' egos rather than service the community.
Do the think if they use the term 'Midtown' often enough it will catch on? I do wish people like this would just get the hell out of London, they make me sick.
Toy trains make me extremely happy.
The writer appears to have overlooked the fact there is a Dishoom on Upper St. Martin's Lane. as well Doh!
Ah, Beatties. Happy memories of when I had the time and the money for a model railway!
And at 116-128 Holborn was Gamages, as Andrew S and Max Roberts may know. First train set bought there.
It's not really in Holborn at all - it's at the far end of High Holborn, and almost at St Giles Circus. The picture illustrating the article has someone defacing a City of London "Holborn EC1" street sign to read "Hoxton E1". Of course neither the hotel nor Hoxton are in the City!

Gamages was at Holborn Circus, nearly a mile away at the far end of Holborn proper.
Beatties is gone? *sobs*
In Hong Kong, a developer used the name "midtown" on a building in Tsuen Wan, a place equivalent to somewhere like Stratford
Groan. Used to live there too. Am I safe in Sussex? Model shop a sad loss.
Oh, there: that's almost on Oxford Street. South Bloomsbury.
I was born in the East End; a trip 'to town' was an event, an adventure, maybe even a ride on the tube. With yet more glass and steel, perhaps some facades preserved (for the moment at least), more losses of uniqueness, less reason to visit.

The natives have been forced out (never mind they probably went broke first; more deep sobs for Bassett-Lowke and Gamages), as frontages become just another High Street. The things which make London so lovable grow fewer; those which make us hate the place, at the same time, just rise inexorably.

Vote, vote, vote for the New London; take a look at Lower Clapton Road today and shudder. Never was a great vista but it will be soon be 'hooray-ville'. Lower Clapton will become West Leaside or New Hoxton.

Bah, mutter, burbles into teacup and waits for nurse to administer medication.
" beautify the people of central London. It has pink neon on the walls, six nail stations and three pedicure chairs that make it easy to escape from the strains of professional life...."
I found this bit hilarious, and I don't even know much at all about London.
Good God, no wonder the country is going to the dogs if any PR person can truly release such a load of bull poo. DG, keep up your, shall I say, sceptical tone. To think our wonderful leader, one Cameron, also worked in PR, just proves how worthless the so-called profession is, without even thinking about a certain Max Clifford!
The displaced model shop, ModelZone, reopened 300m up the road in New Oxford Street last summer.

The company went into administration less than two months later :(
The Modelzone brand is now owned by WHSmith, which is using it to sell models in its own shops. The MZ standalone stores have all closed
Has anyone done a bacteria count on any of the beards? *shudders*
Surely dg wrote both extracts in each question. The first ones cannot be genuine (please). And besides, who else uses the word 'toothsome'?
I wish I had written the sentence about yo-pros, ricotta and seasalt - it's sublime.
I was starting to suspect that neither article was genuine and that this was another subtle parody - but no. I rather of wish I'd been right, as the advertorial is about as close to objective journalism as Hoxton is to Pyongyang.
Oh no! Toff's shops run by public school twats. Is that what London is turning into?
Gamages. Such great memories.

And does anyone else remember when Beatties was in Southgate?
More Midtown guff in the ES today:

dg writes: Empty bluster, utter drivel.

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