please empty your brain below

But could you see France that day?

dg writes: Barely-ish.
Thanks, it's a personal fascination of mine.
Pedantic objection, your honour.

The writer claims that these are postcards, yet the bullet points are clearly envelopes.
I once spent the night out in the open in Dover. Missing the last train back to London from a wedding near Maidstone I decided to head the other way entirely and see if I could pick up a coach from Dover, it being an international port operating 24 hours a day and all that. Sadly this was a mistake as I ended up in Dover around 1am with no coch until after 6am. I ate some fish and chips in possibly the same shelter as DG then wandered round Dover for the next five hours getting cold. It was sort of fun though.
Biplane? Biplane? ITYF that M. Bleriot's craft had just the one wing, actually.

dg writes: Sorry, that was planely wrong.
Since the picture of Langdon Bay was taken, there's been a cliff fall and at the bottom of path to the beach the ladder is no longer there. No-one will reinstate the bottom of the path because of cost.
As soon as I saw the £10 offer I wondered when DG would be taking advantage of it. I hope the offer encourages a lot more people down to Kent especially as it includes high speed rail. Racing through the countryside at 140mph is fun!
Going back to the seeing France thing I am sure that it is possible to see France from St Boniface Down on the Isle of Wight. I say France, what I mean is the Chimney plume form the power stations on the Cherbourg peninsula. The distance is around sixty miles and the Horizon from the down is 34.4 mils away, however on the other side the plume must reach quite a height and thus be visible from the English side. I dont think the chimney itself would be visible though
Simon Guy, you might be interested to learn that as well as being able to see France from Dover, you can also listen to French radio with nothing more than a basic FM receiver. In fact, you can even pick up foreign mobile phone signals.
Thanks for this write-up. I went on Saturday and cycled from Dover to Deal and back. A great sunny day out!

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