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Looking at station entry data on the TfL website, until 2007, Olympia had a steady 1500 entries a day or so, then it dropped to around 1100 from 2008, where it has stayed ever since. Presumably, Overground grabbed the other 400 (if they can make a distinction) or there has been a decline in visits to Olympia. Either way, this was never a busy station.

After 2007, something strange happens to the Sunday entries, going from less than 1000 a day, to 5200 for three years running. Is something very attractive happening at Olympia on Sundays (Saturdays are unchanged)?

Wish TfL would be honest about this and just apply to cease to run the service, which is what they clearly want to do.

would be REALLY happy if they were just to cease running the service ...

I'm going to use the service on the 7th July this year, for the London Film and Comic Con. ;-D

I'm hoping that Dangle Airway might be running at that period?

Why would you want to go to Olympia if there WASN'T an event on there...?

Talking of the Olympia branch, if you look at Lillie Bridge depot when you go past it you might notice a few wisps of steam! There's a steam engine being tested UNDERGROUND on the District/Met between Earls Court and Farringdon engineering hours between the end of saturday's services and the beginning of Sunday's in preparation for next year - hopefully it wont set off too many fire alarms....

Scott, lots of people live near the station, or visit those who live there, so they really need this service. NB this doesn't include me, I used to go to exhibitions there via district line from the east and change at Earls Court, I'm now doubtful about going again because the alternatives are quite a long way way round for me.

"really need this service". I'd dispute that. There are several stations fairly nearby, and anyone approaching by tube from the west will almost certainly find it quicker to get one of several very frequent bus routes from Hammersmith, while High Street Ken (albeit less well connected on the tube than Hammersmith) serves the same purpose from the east. Plus the Overground does its job v. well, too, now, which it didn't used to.

Not saying the tube should close this service; but I don't think its loss would be a major or irreplaceable one, given the plentiful alternatives available of both train and bus

"I used to go to exhibitions there via district line from the east and change at Earls Court, I'm now doubtful about going again because the alternatives are quite a long way way round for me."

Really? is going one stop further to West Brompton and changing there such an imposition? Yes, on the way there you have to cross the bridge (although it's just across the platform on the way back) but even so......

< Hollow laugh > A well timed post DG. DH and I were taking part in the family history exhibition today and found the whole transport scenario as ludicrous as you do. We fell foul of the lack of clear instructions - even the pedestrian route was not clearly signed. Came home via the Overground and will use that tomorrow. But not on Sunday, as it's got engineering works!

@Timbo: If you would be happy to do that, then presumably you approve of the Central line replacement bus timetable advertised in this Friday's Metro. For some inexplicable reason, the service on the south side of the loop up to Newbury Park does not call at Leytonstone, but goes to Snaresbrook instead. The service from Stratford also terminates at Snaresbrook - although there is a bizarre 'Service D' which goes between Stratford and Leytonstone only, missing out Leyton, and with no onward connections from Leytonstone for reasons described above. Travelling from Stratford to Newbury Park just became much more complicated than is reasonable.

(Although it got off lightly compared to the Northern line! That has two buses, one between Mill Hill East and Finchley Central only, and one between Archway and High Barnet calling at all stations except Finchley Central. What anyone wanting to go to MHE is supposed to do this weekend I have no idea!)

Back on topic: this is naked closure by stealth, as happened to the Croxley Green branch, and the Ongar branch, and very nearly happened to the West London Line, which spent half a century with just two trains every morning between Clapham and Olympia and no further. Now, what reason are they giving for withdrawing the District's Olympia service? Oh, yes - the vast increase of services on the West London Line and the correspondingly vast increase in demand it has demonstrated.

In short: I told you so.

As I said back in January, when I mentioned just this problem in connection with BETT, if you don't live in London now (which many people going to exhibitions at Olympia won't), you have absolutely no idea how underground and overground inter-relate, how Oyster works between the two, what you will be charged for journeys using both types of train etc etc. So, just as amber states, people won't bother: Timbo, you may laugh, but crossing a bridge can be a serious problem for someone less able.

thanks, blue witch. I do currently have restricted mobility, and the stepfree change at Earls Court was much better for those "less able" travelling from the east. even without that, it's annoying when a previously easy journey suddenly changes and becomes longer and more complicated.

Both Kensington Olympia and Earl's Court are step-free stations. Alas the alternative routes to Olympia by Overground involve going via Shepherd's Bush or West Brompton, where the Underground stations aren't step-free.

I wonder if you're told if you buy tickets to an event at Olympia? I'm not surprised to see the service drop so much. Aldwych closed as running a shuttle a single stop in central London isn't that useful given the time penalty of changing. I'm surprised the Mill Hill East service still runs as often as it does given it doesn't go to a town (unlike Chesham).

I went to BETT and was told the next train wouldn't be for 40 minutes yet, and that I'd be better off getting the shuttle coach from the bus stop down the road (!).

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