please empty your brain below

And the six London "Something Park" stations which don't exist are...

down a bit

down a bit more,
in case you didn't mean to read this yet

1b Bedford Park
2c Coombe Park
3b Elmstead Park
4a Harold Park
5d Sudbury Park
6c Whetstone Park

How did you get on?

Of course, some of the people who live round here would probably be much happier if the station WAS called Woodside Park instead of North Finchley ...

Since when has Woodside Park been a fake station??

OK, I'll be the first to admit I only got 1.

Gosh, that was hard, and I've lived within 60 or so miles of London for the majority of my life...

I guessed Elmstead and Harold correctly because I know there are real stations with "Wood(s)" at the end for those :)
I didn't know about Woodside Park in Finchley, but there's a Woodside tram stop in Croydonshire which struck me as suspicious. There's also a Coombe Road in the area.
Thanks for the fun Friday quiz, DG!

Hang on, apparently there *is* a Woodside Park station on the Northern Line!

NB "Non Underground" . . .

I got zero. Should be ashamed as I'm a railwayman and live nearby. Great quiz thanks!

OK, I've taken Woodside Park off the list, because it exists on the Underground, and replaced it with a new fake. Sorry!

Sorry i got all 6

Six out of six. Geekily enough I knew where all the real stations are. Even more geekily, Carpenders Park is not a London station as it is in Hertfordshire.


Harold Park sounds like a character out of a 1970s chop socky movie.

@pgd. Not only is there a Coombe Road in the area (well not that many miles away) but it used to have a station (Coombe Road) and nearby is the current Lloyd Park tramstop. But thats the point. The fakes are suspiciously plausible.

4/6. Disappointing!

I guessed a number of them correctly just based on eliminating the ones I knew I'd heard of before, and then picking the remaining one that sounded the most like a stereotypical English place name that it had to be contrived to sound like a real English place name. I guessed Bedford, Harold, Sudbury and Whetstone that way. (Though, to be fair, the same approach did lead me to a couple of incorrect guesses as well.)

0/6! Gidea Park & Honor Oak Park were the only 2 I absolutely knew for sure to be real stations! And I call myself a Londoner *hangs head in shame*

I got all six but you had me wavering on a couple of them. You could send that in to some train companies and see if they'll adopt it as part of their training course for ticket office staff.

oooh, outgeeked by Greg...


My local commute station made it onto DG...HIGHAMS PARK...

Great quiz as usual.


It's very tempting to create wikipedia pages for some of the fakes. I wonder how long they'd last.

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