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The bus stop in the first picture seems to have an identity issue.
Their FOI info does say it's a snapshot of iBus data.

'unfortunately entry figures are not accurately captured on the iBus ticket machines for Hail & Ride'

So they could do weekends and night buses, or just publish everything and let the anorak's and data nerds crawl all over it free of charge, busiest stop on each route for example.

Didn't TfL do a 'heat map' for buses a while ago based on passenger data, and there must be numbers for advertisers.
How exactly did making everyone wait at the same two bus stops rather than several aid social distancing?
I know that Brixton bus-stop extremely well!! I'm interested in the definition of "southbound". Whilst the vehicles are certainly travelling south at that precise point, the 35 thereafter runs westward and the P4 eastward. The 355 goes west a considerable way before eventually turning south.
Last Thursday I agaon had the choice to get from Victoria to Paddington by bus (prefered) or tube. Nominally, the timings are similar, however I have a problem when changing bus at Marble Arch.

This is, I believe a general TfL problem as there are no simple maps at bus stop clusters (on all bus stop poles), showing me where my next service starts from. I also have a particular dislike of this pedestrian unfriendly gyratory.

With more and more reliance on the hopper concept, then helping passengers get from R to W, say, would remove anxiety (asking the driver as I sometimes do gets vague answers so doesn't help). Rant over.
You’d think given that the buses know where they are via GPS and everyone taps in on a card reader, they’d have this information constantly available and wouldn’t need to do surveys. If I were in charge I’d have this running back over MQTT and the existing data carrier to a huge screen on the top floor of Palestra.
Agreed with Ken about Marble Arch. A terrible bus interchange, even more so for routes starting/terminating there given that the last/first stop can often be even further out. Not the compact interchange needed in the era where passengers are expected to change buses on many journeys.
Can only agree with the previous commenters about Marble Arch. Felt like we had to trek for miles to get from a bus coming off Oxford Street on to one towards Paddington.
I would definitely like to nominate Glebe Road (northbound on route 405) as TfL's least busy bus stop. It is not in London so isn't London's least busy bus stop.

I use route 405 quite a bit and noticed that we never called at this stop so I arranged a walk with the dog to end up near it and use it to get home. The flag is hidden in branches and there are no road markings indicating it's existence. It is announced on iBus.

I stepped into the road and put out my hand and then stepped further and further out and waved my hand with increased urgency. Finally the driver twigged and pulled up sharply at least four bus lengths beyond the stop.

The spreadsheet shows no users. I suspect it hadn't been used for years before I used it. I am reluctant to use it again to board because of the danger involved in getting the driver to realise you want the bus to stop there. I have thought of using it to alight to see if the driver pulls up although I imagine they have probably have no idea where the actual stop is.
A further curiosity is Oaks Park. It only gets one mention which I am sure is in the Banstead direction.

There was a bus stop opposite in the Croydon direction but that got knocked down. It has been replaced once or twice by a dolly bus stop but that inevitably disappears. The stop has disappeared from iBus in that direction so there is no obvious evidence it exists although the pavement was extended along the road at the time of the stop's construction and its only purpose is to serve the stop.

If you ring the bell or you put your hand out at where the stop used to be then the bus will stop for you.
Very surprised to see my local, bus stop B at Harrow bus garage in the top 6!
I know it's busy but there are 5 other stops in the garage that seem equally busy plus it's not like it's somewhere touristy!
Where does Bus Stop M lie on the league tables?
Bus Stop M is 754th (out of about 20000).
Bus Stop J on the opposite side of the road is Top 500.
My nomination for least busy - U9 stop in Jacks Lane, Harefield. Yet to see anyone waiting there in as many years as I can remember.
While we're on the topic, would anyone know when the bus stop named 'Tottenham Court Road Station' for routes southbound down Tottenham Court Road may reappear? It's still announced on iBus yet the stop leaves no traces of it's past nor present existence.
Not surprising to see two stops at Elephant & Castle feature in the Top 10, as they are used by routes heading towards Camberwell, Peckham and Old Kent Road which are distant from any rail access.

While redevelopment work at Elephant & Castle is ongoing, London's 4th busiest bus stop has no shelter, no seats and no Countdown display.
Ken-you could catch the 36 for a direct journey.
cjw714- you could catch the 7 for a direct journey.
Just saying.
Jeremy. It's a route I take every few months for many years now, and as long as there's enough time I defer to the bus, however I wouldn't wait for a 36 if it's not the first / quickest option.

The point I was making is that TfL are not always proactive in solving problems (I interviewed there once but was not successful, although I was keen to help). I am also sure that they have read today's post. Thanks dg.
I suspect the busiest of the three Brixton southbound stops will be P, as that serves all the relatively high frequency services that head of Brixton Hill to Streatham (Q is the Tulse Hill buses, N the 'others' both of which are less frequent)
Mortlake Station bus stop only sees 2 buses per week per direction, so I think there's a good case to be made that it is the least used bus stop in London. I'd expect the southbound direction to be used less, because East Sheen bus stop around 150 metres away has 3 other bus routes that serve the same road up to Richmond
As a Brixton resident I know for sure it's one of the Brixton ones

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