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A United bar! Memories of school lunchtimes when chocolate and crisps were a staple of the packed lunch, along with a soggy ham and tomato roll and an apple.

I only got rid of my Marathon wrapper, with "internationally known as Snickers", last year...
One of the projects I have for my retirement is to catalogue all the ephemera (aka crap) I have round the house. I've particularly been thinking about it lately because my dad died earlier this year, and I've inherited some of the stuff he hoarded about me (stuff in many cases I'd completely forgotten about). My catalogue would also include some transport stuff, but also lots and lots of guidebooks (churches, castles etc), football programmes and cricket scorecards. No doubt they'll find a happy home somewhere.
.....And the Country Walks book from LT. Or, perhaps that has yet to make it INTO one of the cardboard boxes !
Oh dear! One of the benefits of 2 trans-Atlantic moves has been the paring down to the bare bones the amount of stuff we've kept!
And it would still be too much to grab and save if the house suddenly burned down!
Did you find your water?
Did you find your water?
"(1982, includes Christmas day trains)" ...wonder when that will happen again? ...trains on Christmas Day i mean (not 1982).
I've only just realised why my late father always used to have a stock of a certain type of biscuit/confectionary - I bought one the other week out of 'memory to my father'.....So, they're made in his country of birth. Funny, I had always sensed that he felt 'alien'!
I think we'd need someone from the London Transport museum to work out what is worth keeping from box 3. Perhaps like trying to follow the old walks book today you could try to follow an old bus timetable today and see how you get on (and how long it takes now compared to then).
Only five boxes and two of them empty? I don't think you need to worry about being a hoarder DG. I can barely get in my spare room for all the stuff in there and most of it is a lot less interesting than the contents of your boxes.
I seem to remember your parents saying that no holiday was complete without a visit to the local bus station or information office to pick up as many bus timetables as possible. And your dad was expected to bring back a selection of timetables whenever his work took him to different locations around the country.
All I'll say is that you are an amateur, comparatively, and at least all yours is getting catalogued. You'd better hope for comparative non-longevity...
Clarence - that's the first stack of boxes.
There are four more.
And then there are the other boxes.
And the shelves.
Four stacks? Ha! You should see our loft. It is getting to the point of having to take something out to get something else in.
Record Mirror! That takes me back.

Anyway, I can't help but be reminded of this:
what are the two currently empty boxes intended for? future hoarding overflow?
Good to hear from Blue Witch, since her website is in unexplained stasis.
I can answer Jon's comment about bus times compared with today. I just compared the route 74 times from July 67 with today.

There's a 17.10 from Marble Arch that arrives at Putney Station at 17.48. Today the 74 finishes one stop before Putney Station but the 17.10 arrives at Putney High Street at 18.13. So from 38 minutes to 63. Great!
Ah yes, I also have a copy of that primary school hymnbook stashed away somewhere in my spare room. I recall 'With Cheerful Voice' had an unusual (for the mid 1970s) soft plastic cover with a green swirly design. Must have a clear out.
My primary school hymnal was 'With Cheerful Voice' too. Some great hymns in there.

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