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2012 looks like and interesting Summer for London, apart from all the Olympic events there is also the June River Pageant for the Queens Diamond Jubilee. I'm pretty sure that just turning up at Hyde Park or Victoria Park on a weekday there will be room to get in, at least for those of us living not far away it is no trouble to come back again another day.-maybe when it's raining!

Live Nation's owned by the same people as TicketMaster, isn't it?

Also, I've heard that some of the events will be covered in Super HiVision, an experimental format that's got 16 times more pixels than regular HD, so at least it'll be slightly different than watching on your small screen at home.

eek. I still haven't worked out how to get TicketMaster to stop sending me emails after buying one lousy ticket from them...

The developers at King's Cross also have aspirations of staging Olympic events on big screens up in the new Granary Square, but I'm not sure how speculative it is at this stage.

See pages 10-11 of

You can also expect biplanes, hot air balloons and airships (page 2-3).

*sigh* That started off so well too!
I was quite excited at the prospect of swanning over to a park to soak up some atmosphere, but even that's not as simple as it first seemed!

bugger it...I'm going somewhere else when the olympics arrives. I would stay at home, only the ruddy cycling goes right past my front door.

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