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Can you see the BELL? It's inscribed 'Be not afeared, the isle is full of noises" but apparently it's going to be fixed so that it CAN'T be heard. Scandalous!

dg writes: No, I don't think it's been installed yet, and the Stadium would block the view from the top of the Orbit anyway. According to the planning application, the bell "may occasionally be rung to celebrate special occasions, but will not be in general use".
The Olympic park in Munch has a viewing tower too. But at least from there you can see the Alps.

After a real slog and great commitment from key people I can assure you that the Manor Garden Allotment at Pudding Mill Lane is now starting to grow! We have been allotted our plots and we are all busily tilling the soil to get it ready for veg production-next time you are up the tower you might just see 'green shoots' and much more.

dg writes: It's great to know cultivation has finally started - this month I believe - and I've updated my 7th paragraph in response.
Can you see Beckton Alps?
I really must get a move on; I go past the thing several times a week and have still not bothered to book my visit.

Regarding West Ham's new stadium; I never realised it was still anonymous and had assumed it would just continue to be called the Olympic stadium; at least I will continue to do so, in much the same way as I stubbornly still call the O2 the Dome. Actually, given West Ham's theme song , "The Bubble" might not be a bad moniker; as long as it doesn't get named after some sponsor!
Hmmm, a good word, 'Munch'
A nice twist that's part Munich, part Munchen.
It'd make a good location for The Hunger Games :)
The International Quarter, Glasshouse Gardens, UCL East and a 4th block of Student digs, Olympicopilis, Substations plus a couple of schools and I expect more concrete to come ..

... and they laughingly call this a PARK. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Concrete jungle more like!

Rant over!
I'm in Agent Z's camp here.

All that concrete and the stench of dodgy deals about the place as well.
Haven't been past there in ages - the Crossrail portal construction has certainly moved on. I hadn't expected it to look quite like that. I'd assumed trains would emerge further west and then be in the open air past the DLR station.
".. and they laughingly call this a PARK. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Concrete jungle more like!"

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic park is a great place to visit and with more attractions than most other parks in london, like any other park it will of course have buildings scattered all around it, go visit and have a look around before you mock it, the Olympic site/park was always going to have a vast amount of new development all built around a beautiful (very large) park.
Is the VeiwTube still there?
The View Tube is indeed still there - I went last weekend, and it was packed inside, and there were a table of 15 or so cyclists enjoying brunch in the sun outside too.

I asked the manager there about the Olympic Bell a little while ago, and he said that for ages it was outside the stadium, under a tarpaulin - then was moved (though he didn't know where) before the Rugby World Cup last year.

Despite Here East's publicity, they've not had many other tenants move in yet. Loughborough University's London campus is temporarily in the Media Centre, while their space in the north of the Broadcast Centre is completed - but other than that, it's just BT Sport and a whole load of builders.

It's nice having daylight in there now - the southern, western, and northern walls are now glazed, and I'm curious to see how the "21st century cabinet of curiosities" on the gantry along Waterden Road is going to turn out.

I've seen some planning applications drop in for the canalside units too - there's going to be a bike shop, a bar from Five Points brewery, a fish cafe, and a wings bar - because it's Hackney and there obviously needs to be a chicken shop.
Is it just me or does changing the seats from black to claret just seem like a massive waste of money and resources? Especially when technically, West Ham are just tenants of the stadium.

Anyone know if they're doing anything with the old seats?

I've visited it many times and will in future as a West Ham ST holder. I actually only live about a mile away.

But to call it a Park is just stretching the definition of Park. Parks have trees and Grass not concrete blocks of buildings. The North part maybe, but the South no. More like a developers paradise.
Agent Z

You possibly are confusing the original "Olympic 2012 Park" site (which was a huge area that was always going to be mainly built upon) with the beautiful "Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park" which is a wonderful place that contains everything a park should have (and more) including grass, trees, water features, canals, children's play areas, cafe's, areas to sit and relax, nature reserve areas and a lot more, what more could you expect from a park? and on your doorstep and mine, I love it as a park and I also welcome all the new development that will be taking place around the perimeter of our lovely new park. (None of it actually happening in the park)


The so called "Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park" is good but is tiny to what could have been acheived, something like Hyde Park. A missed opportunity to turn a run down part of East London into a desirable and nice area. Proper parkland surrounded by proper houses with gardens should have been the order of the day not the garbage they are putting up now. The same mistakes are being made as in the 1960s when they built countless tower blocks that turned into crime ridden ghettos and the worst places to bring up a family. ... and how many more student blocks do we need, there are already 2 enormous ones in Stratford holding more than 1500 bedrooms and yet they want to build another 2 - nonsense.

It's all about developers making money, people don't count.

I get angrier as I type, must calm dowm.
There's a floating walkway by the bridge already between Three Mills and Poplar - it has opened in the last week or so.
I know, how ridiculous they would dare to build offices, museums and high-density housing here. While such things might be appropriate for a large city, perhaps a capital city, perhaps a brownfield area in the Inner region of a massive metropolis, somewhere which has seen billions of investment into massive public transport capacity -- they are scarcely appropriate for here. Clearly a row of little cottages would be far more appropriate.
"No name Given"
Your reply is a joy to read with its light hearted poke at what is factual and true, and it made me smile.
No Name Given

Sounds like you actually have not seen what they are building or looked at the planning applications to see whats coming. Houses are far more appropriate, nor rabbit hutches is the sky.
In my view, correct names for the stadium ought to include one of the following:
Nobshill Windmill
Knobs Hill Mill
Knobs Hill Cottage
Knobs Hill Road
Marshgate Lane
George Stroud
Bow Back Rivers
Thorntons Field
I'll still call it Olympic Stadium too. As I call the site Olympic Park (not using the name of the only person at the opening ceremony to look totally bored and disinterested), and (for the same reason, calling Crossrail Crossrail.

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