please empty your brain below

Answers are below...

...make your guesses before you peek...

1) Osidge
2) Yeading
3) Tokyngton
4) Shacklewell
5) Aldersbrook
6) Castelnau
7) Furzedown
8) Blackfen
9) Hook
10) Locksbottom

How well did you do?
2,5,6,7,8,9 & 10
Got all ten :-)
Wow! Much harder. LOVE IT! 6/10. Never heard of Osidge or Shacklwell, and two others I had swapped round.
2, 4, 5, 6, 9
2,7 & 9
Knew 7 because my mum attended Furzedown college which she said was in Streatham!
Never heard of the others, including Tokynton, despite living close to Wembley!

Should have been able to work out the other two by elimination, really
1, 2 and 9 - I knew. No idea about the others...
Only got 2,3 & 9. Very poor.
Got them all on this on, however Tokyngton was by default as I knew where the other nine were.

You should have put Lonesome on the list.
I remain convinced Tokyngton is made up.

I only knew two. Given its proximity to the Kingsland Road, I'm surprised that Shacklewell doesn't appear on this (slightly sweary) map, though perhaps it was compiled before the Shacklewell Arms was a popular hipster hangout.
8/10 with a few guesses.
10/10, but I only knew 8. Was left with Tokyngton and Osidge. Tokyngton sounded vaguely familiar and maybe more urban/ gritty so I guessed.
5/10 I knew 2, 6,8,9,10. With one exception, a clear north/south divide in my knowledge of London!
Thought I'd done well, but turned out to be only three: 5, 8 & 10. Must try harder...
know 3...but that just because they 'local'.
After the doom & gloom of yesterday we get a quiz or two. Is this the DG version of posting kitten pics?
Only knew #3, and that's because Tokyngton is what comes up as my location on my phone whenever I visit the Wembley Stadium area.
Got them all! Good quiz.
All of them but Tokyngton was on the basis of the only one left after getting all the others. Too much time looking at bus maps and A-Zs plus travelling around is why I knew where they were.
Knew / correctly guessed seven.

Used to drive a bus through 2 and 6 and live near 9. 5 not that far from where I live now, with 1, 7 and 10 intuitive guesses.

Never heard of the other three.

There's a football team called Hayes & Yeading FC, and another called Chessing & Hook, which helped narrow those two down. Shacklewell was a lucky guess.
8/10. Swapped Tokyngton and Furzedown. 5 of the others were immediate certs (it helps that an ex lived in Shacklewell), 3 came with thought ("isn't Yeading Lane over there somewhere...?" "I'm sure I've driven past Osidge Library...")
Only Castelnau. Clearly I need to get out more...!
Only got 6) and 9), they being the ones I had actually visited from my perch in the South West
Guessed two, got the rest. Must confess my memory of Hook is that it was a lot further out into deepest Surrey.
Blackfen is good news for those into the use of Class A substances -- er, I'm told....
And yes, an enjoyable quiz! Thanks.
Hey, got them all!
8/10. Not bad for someone who doesn't work in or who has never lived in London. Must have picked up more than I thought from DG's posts over the years.
3, and complete guesswork. Though I'v heard of some of these (Furzedown, Castelnau) I couldn't tell you where they were. Must pay more attention.
Agree Lonesome should be in there, also Downtown, my bit of SE16
Also let's not forget Freezywater....
Only three but not too bad as I haven't lived in London for 25 years!
Never heard of Horn Park or Coldharbour (on the map).
Zero. But then, when am I ever likely to need to know any of them?
Aldersbrook - 5
Castelnau - 6
Yeading - 2
Not sure about the rest.

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