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Sports reports on DG - whatever next !
I always get to the ground at least 15 minutes before kick off. Just walk straight in. The security last night was minimal. Opened my jacket, a slight pat down and that was it. There were a few extra police but nothing obvious. It was a very good game. All they have to do now is win in Greece...
There are never queues? Maybe for the home fans at the Emirates, but for the away fans there is usually a queue back across the tarmac.
the trouble with Arsenal, is that they always try and walk it into the net.
Interval? What do you mean? It's pre-kick off perhaps, not yet half time. Try to get the lingo right.
The Interval is between the Acts of course. Act One appears to be pre-match. Perhaps we will have a second Act for the match (three scenes, first half, half-time, second half) and then a third Act for post-match.

Were any buses involved?
"Were any buses involved?" I hope so...but probably not!
Oh no, football again!

dg writes: Please don't waste your time coming back tomorrow.
@geofftech Did you see that ludicrous display last night?
Well I wasn't expecting this!
I thought the conversation was going to continue with bored "uh-huh's" from DG.
You never cease to surprise!
I usually get to the game at about 5mins before kick-off, never much hassle and admit I was taken aback by the increased security but as you say it makes perfect sense given a moments thought.
A couple of people around me declared this to be an 'absolute joke' in regards to the additional queuing time which made no sense given events recently.

Will Drayton Park be open on match days when the Great Northern runs to Moorgate on the weekends from December?
Drayton Park info...

Drayton Park does not have the capacity to safely handle the large numbers of passengers going to the nearby Emirates Stadium and will therefore be closed for two hours before and after each Arsenal game at weekends to protect the safety of passengers. During the week, current arrangements will apply (which is to close the station only after a match). Passengers are advised to use Finsbury Park station instead.
@AP Cheers for the info.
The beginning of this post reminds me of a "work place" conversation of my own. Instead of a football match it was a date with a pretty girl. Sadly, for me anyhow, was the fact I was the one without the "ticket"...
I wonder if the colleague is, in fact, going to show up at the match....
"young man from the Far East"? Of London? Bow?
No buses.....only Coaches! Boom Boom.
Sing up: "DG is a Gooner! DG is a Gooner! LA-LA-LA! LA-LA-LA!"

[Repeat to fade]
After Finsbury Park's performance during a certain Christmas, I'm not sure I'd trust it to handle a match crowd either...
There is a connection between The Arsenal and a steam train. Above the old ticket in the marble hall at Highbury there was a nameplate of an LNER steam engine called Arsenal. Great footage...
So will the penalties be the encore?

Sadly, by the way, I've been too busy with work to do my planned Bow Bus Stop and Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium tour :(

What was Wenger finking, sending Walcott on that early?

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