please empty your brain below

Very impressive.

82 would have been extremely impressive if (as I first read it) you were standing by the furnace WHEN the wicked witch was being cremated.

57 Do you reckon Ms Lansbury was actually visiting bus stop M?
96 was rather surprising given how busy the place usually is. I have sort of done 15 of your 100 eg I often saw Michael Foot waiting for the 24 bus to Hampstead in Whitehall rather than in Hampstead instead. Sadly I have never done number 6 anywhere
I think I can tick off 13 of these, though number 98 would obviously be the holy grail.
I, and possibly others, am now sat here with a huge question mark above my head.
Don’t expect answers.
Would love to know number 29, but resigned to the fact I never will.
Several hotels and other entertainment venues in Leicester Square.

Some intriguing combinations when pairs are coupled together. Eg 28, 96
"...But I've never been to me..."
I love all this, what a brilliant London list! It makes me wonder what 100 things I have done. Will ponder on that, but staying on your list:
40 - you've been to one? Amazing! Please say you blogged about it?
56: ??!
62: Diligent. I hope they appreciated you, but I bet they didn't.
96: I hope that was in a hotel!
Pick your favourite and imagine it is the "Mystery Count"
You haven’t seen David Bowie going round the Vauxhall Gyratory System though, have you?
58 - I do hope that's figuratively, but I do suppose falling on her majesty is quite a good story.
60 - Of all these I think this is the most impressive
86 - I can go better than you, I once held hands with her in a lift at the BBC (she was very drunk and grabbed hold of me to stop herself falling over)
This is one of those ones where dg comes back later to see which ones invite comments. #commentbait
I think only the prime numbered ones are true.
I score 5 using the most strict comparison (must be word for word the same) and possibly another 10 which are "almost the same" (ie stumbled across the Queen but in a different part of London).

Your list is indeed impressive.
Ahhhh I too stood in front of Buckingham Palace for a balcony kiss, but it was a different century and a different royal wedding. How sad it was, losing Princess Diana :(
'Sat on Matt Baker's satnav'... is that some kind of euphemism?

dg writes: no
Only done no. 40, purely out of curiosity as the contents were of no interest to me.
I have definitely done two of those; three if a "the" had been changed to an "a". Possibly one other, though it was 1974 so too long ago precisely to remember...
Joho, your theory is incorrect. I say this because number 1 is "Walked home from the Olympics" and dg mentioned walking back home from the 2012 Olympics in a previous post, and 1 is not a prime number.
Impressed, what a list.
I've only done 8, and nothing salacious!
I'm not sure you can claim to have led a full London life until you have been nearly mown down by a ranking member of the Royal Family.

Mine was Princess Margaret on Birdcage walk.
I managed a number 10 once outside the Turkish Embassy (pretty naive of me)

Number 95 is on my bucket list, all the easier for dg finding it for me.

Never done a 56 though, and not inclined to do so
50 seems to be getting easier; possibly pointless ID requirements and bag size limit are putting people off. I got tickets for 2 of the current series.
My theory is only numbers found in the first 100 digits of pi are correct (due to todays date - using the American format). This rules out some of the more outlandish claims.
I've done 14 of yours, including bumping into the Queen when she visited Docklands. Sadly 96 is not on my list.
I have also bumped into Mikhail Gorbachev at the QE2 Conference Centre which freaked out the security goons no end.
100) I've been stuck in a lift at the Barbican!
As a non-Londoner, but very frequent visitor, I am intrigued as to what 40 actually is...
Never heard of it!
Very impressive.
I have so many questions though!
My best is probably "Walked across the Millennium Bridge when it was still wobbly"
I've only done four. But then I don't live in London.
I once saw Pete Murray in Sainsbury's and spoke to him. Darn. I must do my own list now ;-)
Quite pleased with my nine - my job helped!
39 I have watched Arsenal lose (to Watford in the FA Cup)
What year did 10 happen in? I can't imagine that happening today.
dg has previously revealed he was in a school choir at a young age, which ticks off the performance location ones I reckon!
77 is always awkward. Especially when you're with your spouse when it happens.
I can score 14, if you allow
17 My family were part of a world record
62 I recovered consciousness before getting in the ambulance
63 not since it closed
88 from my actual office, not the roof
7) I guess that was when he interviewed you for Open Country on Radio 4. Available episodes go far into the past - all the way back to the one three weeks after you made an appearance. What a bummer.

28) I never imagined I'd be susceptible to a celebrity crush until I found mine at a theatre in London (saw her as Viola in Twelfth Night). That still doesn't change my score of 0/100.
Feels like a monumental post today. Very impressed.

...I did meet Mel Giedroyc a couple of weeks ago.
75. My money's on Ian Sinclair.
And what about the month before?
16) I hope Mike didn't mind
88 At last confirmation! I also saw 3 Concords in the air at the same time on the day of the last flight(s) but nobody has ever believed me!
My celebrity crush kissed me in London.

(Ok she presented me with a raffle prize, but it must count!)
Found myself sitting opposite Michael Portillo on the tube once and blurted out a stupid remark about trains. Why is it brain turns to mush when surprised by meeting someone well-known?
100 sounds really serious.
too many of these involve recognising 'celebrities' for me. I'm very bad at recognising anybody, and I've never heard of some of the people you mention.

But I've done 14 of these, with several other near misses (eg does Pirates of Penzance at the Royal Opera House count?)
65 I too have held the FA Cup, at an airshow in Folkstone the summer of 1999.
Paid £5 and the sponsor sent me a pile of marketing rubbish and a photo.
I've: hung onto a lampost during a riot, chatted amiably with Tony Benn (he was lovely), said hello to Yoko Ono, kissed Angela Lansbury (she was lovely too), vomited at The Palladium, tripped over into the path of a bus (a 65), been bellowed at by Ian Paisley (snr), put coal into the Flying Scotsman, drank far too much white port at Gordon's, attended a secret Pixies gig and saw David Bowie there, fell down the stairs at The Royal Festival Hall almost ruining a concert, had chips from Marc Almond, attended the opening of an early Wetherspoons, enjoyed the 424, a lesser known bus, walked several railway lines that aren't there anymore, kissed Laurie Anderson (she was adorable), had a laugh with Lorraine Chase (yes she was), crowd surfed at The Garage, went to the last ever Old Oak Common depot open day, walked over a rare railway foot crossing, almost choked on an olive, had dinner with Everything But The Girl, marched for better/conditions/rights, stuck my tongue out at the Pope, fallen out of a window, got almost killed by a speeding police car, crashed my bike (several), had fun. London rocks... Tbc...
100 yes, I've been to some concerts like that at the barbican
9 & 5. I've done two sessions of jury service, one of them at the Inner London Crown Court in Southwark, in April 2016.
On one of the days we were told there would be a long break which gave me time to walk up Borough High St to make use of my year-long ticket to the Shard. It turned out to be one of the days Barack Obama was visiting London, which had resulted in a massive security presence. The view I got that day included a pair of Osprey helicopters making regular sweeps over the city - some of them coming fairly close by - pretty much at eye level.
I only ticked off number 63. Poor effort.
However, I've had a few celebrity interactions, most from my time working at the Virign Megastore on Oxford Street:

Stood in a lift with Craig Charles (where he accidentally tweaked my male friend's nipple)
Stood in the same lift with Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac
Explained to Tom Conti that the screens behind the cash desk were just pictures, not actual TVs
Saw Jeremy Paxman and Richard Branson in the computer games department (not at the same time)

And at other times:
Saw (and heckled) Chesney Hawkes in the audience of a Reeves & Mortimer show
Sat opposite Rick Wakeman on a Central Line train (he got on at White City)
Passed John Major coming out of the PR company where I worked for a while

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