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My memories of Marble Arch and Edgware Road span many decades. Marble Arch- Speakers Corner back in the days when there were far more speakers (no internet back then) and a wide range of topics were discussed, unlike today when it seems to be mainly religious speakers. The Odeon when it opened and had a large screen, great for 70mm films, alas now the building is divided into 5 screens. I remember the Regal Marble Arch cinema which was demolished but never went inside.There used to be a cafeteria under the Cumberland Hotel you entered by going down a staircase on the corner of Quebec street, always good for a meal or just a cup of tea. Closed many years ago, KFC opened at street level instead but I think that has recently closed.
Walking along the Edgware road not far on the left was another cinema at 51-53 the Gala Royal, this was an Arab style restaurant last time I passed by.
In the 1950’s and 1960’s the Edgware Road was noted for shops selling radio components, (as was Tottenham Court Road and Lisle Street) lots of these stores had started by selling war surplus components and radio equipment. Hobbyist from all over the UK would make a visit to these shops. There was one of these shops still trading there last year that was Henry’s radio, at number 404, but I think that has recently closed and moved to a new site.
As well as the Metropolitan Music Hall, there was nearby a large Odeon cinema on the Edgware Road not too far from and opposite the Bakerloo Line station. There was also a large ABC cinema at the flyover, where the Metropole Hotel now stands.
Watch the film "The Blue Lamp" with Jack Warner for 1950 shots of the Music Hall, Edgware Road, Paddington Green and the old Paddington Police Station complete with passing trolleybuses.
I remember going to visit Edgeware Road when passing through London in the late '80's for its computer shops...
I thought "what deeds much better undone" was a reference to the gallows, but then my knowledge of London history is quite basic...
(being improved largely by reading this blog)
Thanks for inspiring me to watch more of these old films.
"I remember going to visit Edgeware Road"

Clearly not particularly well.
Anyone remember the fly on the wall documentary series Paddington Green narrated by Ross Kemp with the penniless car park proprietor amongst other local characters?

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