please empty your brain below

Footballers' Wives (which seems to have gained an apostrophe this series), is the funniest thing on the box right now.

My current catchphrase is Jason's magnificent assessment of Chardonnay's-baby-that's-really-her-mum-in-law's-
from-her-snooker-table-shag-with -Jason-Turner:

"'Eez a Turner"

Oo Jon - Footballers' Wives is a perfect example of the trailing apostrophe rule I was wittering on about - plural possessive I guess it is then (trying to sound clever).

For tacky TV, I'd go with Wife Swap - it's been so utterly tacky, and seems even more so because of it's 'critical' success.

I wish I watched Footballers' Wives, but we're ITV-phobic in our house. But has anyone got a shower-scene screen grab of Cristian Solimeno? *DROOOOOOOL* (Sorry Jon, that one will have passed you by too....)

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