please empty your brain below

E -eeeeeeeeeeee!


I'll answer that, 'cos I didn't get to the question in time.

First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth

Hmm, not as puzzle-tastic as your other ones - I still don't understand THORN properly...


Well, they're never puzzletastic if you know the answer, of course.

However, THORN clearly remains puzzletastic. You must've been confused about the directions given

I know it's NORTH, I just don't know what the re-ordering algorithm (I'm a programmer at heart) is.

Just in case Steve is serious, thorn is the only anagram (ie jumbling of letters that makes sense) of North. So if the puzzle had been Shout, Stew, Thorn, ...? there wouldn't have been one answer, because as well as seat you could have had teas. As as it's nearly 3pm, I think I will have!

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