please empty your brain below

No one (and nothing) will replace real, purring, warm, snuggly, cute 'flesh and blood' kittens. :)

they haven't virtualized food, or clothes yet...

Am I the only one to back up my blog to paper and ink each month?

Do I still need electricity?

I'm still waiting for my jet pack!

I would love to see your future home, during a long power cut.

My comment too Michael, the house of the future in a power cut will be very, very empty.

In my case I am always running out of room as I gather more and more clutter.
I have however reduced 3 bookcases down to one. I buy a paper newspaper most days. I have tried on screen crosswords, it is still nicer to put pen to paper to fill in the answers.
By the way Compact Disks (CDs) always have been digital..
As for storing everything in Cloud computing, I just keep buying USB hard disks to store data, only using “cloud” storage for some photos or other item I wish to share.
Hard disk TV recorders (PVR,s) are also very popular, with the general public, I have 2.
I have scanned all my old photographs and 35mm slides into jpeg format, nice to know they won’t fade anymore and accessing them is easy.
As I collect old valve radios they take up lots of space, I also have a piano; some of us make our own music and do not just listen to someone else.
So maybe the average home will end up with a large screen on the wall, and a few armchairs, but no in my house.

Less books = more space for tacky and awful ornaments!

I used to fill my shelves with the printed edition of Diamond Geezer, but since you've discontinued that...

The home of the future is roomy and my multiple decentralised backups protect my data.

i was with you right up until the last paragraph. all destined to happy, and all totally acceptable, because the 'space' will be fill with other thing...

... except none of it will happen until home internet is seen as a utility that is as basic and essential as running water.

when you move house you don't have to wait 2 weeks do you whilst your "water services providor" switch you from one address to the other. no.. it's seen as a necessity, so you hava a tap - you use it, and the billing is worried about later.

connectivity needs to be the same. all houses, permanently on, permamently connected, and you just rock up and start using it like you would with other utilities.

could be some way off...

What are you going to squash spiders with, or pile up to stand on? And where will the kittens hide? Will nobody think of the kittens?

What do you mean my 8 track player will be of no further use ? no i can't see that ever happening.

I wonder what the people will buy and sell at the car boot sale of the future then?

Anyone remember the BBC Domesday project?

Curiously, I recently found a collection of pictures of it - at

It's Dubstep, not Dupstep, innit bro? Keep it real, DG.

dg writes: Damn, spelt Dvorák right, but Dubstep wrong. Now fixed, ta.

It will be a sad day for family historians, that's for sure!

Saying that though, this month alone we have cleared out about 180 CDs, and about 50 DVDs/videos, as my husband has stored them all on the computer for us to pull up, as and when. No longer need the hard copies...until the computer crashes of course!

All our films are either sent, or streamed, from Netflix now, and even though DH is an e-book fan, I still prefer browsing at the library.

So with all this downsizing in 'stuff', why are the new-build houses near me in America getting bigger, not smaller?!

Great Post !

Esp. last 2 sentences......

Kind regards

Does anyone know of a good converter of slides (mostly Kodachrome) to digital? I've not found anything yet that makes a decent job of it.


Is there a law that says your home must have a recepticle for postal mail?


Houses are probably getting bigger in the USA in order to fit all those ridiculously oversized sofas that seem to be the trend these days.

It's called the ideas house

I agree the sofas are getting way to big

Everything is going digital ... e-books, maps etc.

What? Even my Dungeon Master's Guide? What am I going to use to conceal my dice rolls in this future house?

Trofim asked;
Does anyone know of a good converter of slides (mostly Kodachrome) to digital? I've not found anything yet that makes a decent job of it.

I used the Plustek OpticFilm 7600iSE Film Scanner.
Mid price range. It does properly scan the slides. the software included is useful too for colour correcting old slides.
A lot of the new cheaper scanners for 35mm have camera inside and just take a picture of the slide.

Sorry the Plustek post was from me, forgot to add my name.

What a brilliant post! My home will never be book-free though! The Kindle looks dreadful, plastic and ugly...and I bet it doesn't smell as good as a book either ;)

Thanks for the info re slide scanner john 11.17

Wow. Lot of space for Beautiful huge books, action figures instead of dusty dvd... Just wow.

Having just moved house (from a big house to small home unit) the idea of a completely e-house has a certain appeal. No more heavy boxes to lug up and down stairs! Access to a whole lot of things I might not have in print! A whole lot of space with minimal amount of Stuff - so easy to keep clean!


We need to have Stuff to touch, to see close up, just to make it real to us. The choice to throw everything into the cloud is, fortunately, still optional. This time around I banished some of my stuff to the cloud and most of the rest to storage - I'm not ruthless enough to toss out the faded photographs of parents, grandparents (and great grandparents), or to shred their letters. But who knows what I might have to choose to do next time I have to move.

I've just read your blog from 27/01/11. 'the home of the future is empty' What a prediction, we are almost there! Which one to go to next?

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