please empty your brain below

Waiting to claim my bonus points.


or maybe now?

One minute off......try again.....

Now by my watch, 12.48

By my notorious unreliable


Two bonus points to Jeff, and one to Steve.

Thank you.

That will do nicely for Scott's homework

Are you doing better prizes than the cut-glass cut-glass offered on other channels?

I appear to be offering Diamond Bonus Points.

Can't guarantee they're any better prizes than cut-glass cut-glass though.

How about doing 2nd hand mobile phones - you could call them "Diamond Rings"?

I'm offering a TV thmes CD to the first person who gets all THIS QUIZ correct.

Jeff, I'm demanding a consolation prize as I'm sure quizzes aren't meant to be discriminatory in this day and age. Ever tried trying to listen to musical snippets on a 56K modem running at half that speed? And no Broadband for at least another 5 years. I even knew all the pics (and when your visual memory is as bad as mine,that is a big achievement).


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