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Re: The McDonald's problem

If you write to the Manager cc their UK Head Office and your local council, explaining your problem and asking for a bin, it will happen.

Ask that, until they get around to installing the bin, an employee (best call them a "Team Member") be sent to clear up the pavement outside DG Mansions before they close for the night (or at, say, midnight, if they don't close).

It will work - I've had McD's staff out clearing their garbage from the lane outside The Coven before (4.1 miles, or one meal's worth in a car, from the nearest outlet).

A Public Spirited BW.

McDonald's in the UK serves french fries, not chips? Is there a distinction between the two in the UK? I'd always thought chips was just a different name for french fries.

There's a huge difference between french fries and chips.

McDonalds in the UK do indeed sell french fries. French fries are limp thin luke-warm strips of processed potato covered in excess salt.

The fish shop over the road sells chips. Chips are juicy thick hot slabs of potato soaked in hot fat and doused liberally with vinegar.

Give me chips any day...

Yer, right, but have you been in to McD's to moan about the rubbish, and the need for it to be picked up, to the Duty Manager?

No. I thought not.

Actually, thinking about this some more today, a quick call to the council about the health hazard of the rubbish should do the trick. The phrase "I saw a r-a-t eating french fries" should secure a Team Member to polish your doorstep, and McD's to sponsor a bin.

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