please empty your brain below

Well, I know half of 8i, all of 8ii (well, I got 2 revered, originally, but I have a GBOHS to hand) and all the answer to 8iii.

Sadly, Blogger has decided not to let me post anything for the moment, so I may have to resort to doing some work. For a change.

I'm hopeless at this sort of thing... so instead, I'm mutinying and have posted a bonus question at myacelife. :P

Without Googling...
i) is Lulu & Nirvana
ii) a d c b, I reckon. AB was a #2, and CP was a relatively small hit. Reckon that BJ may have made #3 on 1st week hype despite not being very good.
iii) ha ha ha, hee hee hee, I'm the laughing gnome and you can't catch me.

Good to see the old London Gay Blogger Tuesday Night Retro Bar tradition being revived again!


i)'s correct, although DJ Ian found another far more obscure cover to tease us with as well.

ii)'s wrong, although your logic's right.

as for iii), well, that was exactly the answer we wrote down, but we were only allowed half a mark because we got one of the words wrong.

hah hah, Witchy knows the answer!

Is there a definitive guide somewhere to how one should spell words like ha (hah), oi(oy), ah(aah), ooh(oooh) etc, these days?


Lulu and Nirvana. Who's the other one then?


c - Let's Dance was a number 1
a - Absolute Beginngers was a Number 2
d - Blue Jean was a Number 8
b - Cat People Number 26 (but released in 1982 for the film Cat People and not from the Let's Dance album).


Ha ha ha, hee hee hee
I'm a laughing Gnome and you can't catch me

'a' laughing gnome, not 'the' laughing gnome.

There are many laughing gnomes, you know.

The other 8i DJ Ian played was by Midge Ure. So, that was another half mark we lost...

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