please empty your brain below

........ cue annual random guesses as to what the mystery count is.....
So is blogging a displacement activity for the lack of whatever the mystery count is counting? Is that what this blog is about?
This is the internet equivalent of one of those small islands where life has evolved differently, not only do you get niche - but the niche inside that - like a Russian Doll.
Totally agree with "why sit in the house when there's a world outside to explore?" sentiment!
It's a shame it's not helped with losing weight. I also don't lose weight when I go for long walks but I suspect that's because I often walk past places with attractive looking sticky buns ...
Just wanted to say thanks for the write-up of 'The Garden at 120' earlier this month - I was back in town on Friday, passing from Blackwall to Victoria, and it made a lovely 20 minute break in the journey. Some great and some not-so-great photos, too.
It's amazing you get a similar number of visitors a day now than you got in the whole of February 2003.

Also impressive is the huge jump between 2012-13, which I presume is thanks to having a certain sporting event in your doorstep.

For me personally, I used to read the transport articles only, but now read the new article on my morning journey. Normally, I also pick a random month and start reading - a proper "Random article" button would be fantastic
Much of what you write is 'personally irrelevant' to me, but that doesn't make it any the less compelling. When I fight my way to a provincial city office each morning, arriving here is always - always - that proverbial breath of fresh air. Thank you for continually providing it.
Have you ever considered giving up on the Mystery Count?
Or is there still hope for the future?

I mean 17 years of zeros would tell me it's unlikely to happen anymore!!

Unless the totals for it happening in other months are still pretty healthy - in which case you just jinxed February by deciding to include it in the Count!!
I know I've introduced at least two other readers to this blog by pointing them at specific articles.

I'm a daily reader, rarely comment though.
Essential reading for me each day. I love the variety. To enjoy a blog you don't have to love every post.
...double figures i here you say, now that just boasting ...though by no means extraordinary
Apropos no 10
I agree with Rob. A "Random article" button would be a very good idea.
Very impressed by your zero alcohol intake this month DG. Mine has increased since I retired. Probably got too much time on my hands and should spend it getting out and about on adventures like yours.

Always enjoy your daily blog.
I lived in London for a year over 50 years ago (U of London King's College), and visited often until both parents died. Happened to come across this site (interested in trains, y'know) and read almost every day now. Some things have changed, whether for good or ill, and some have managed to be recognisable still, specifically the International Students' House up near Regent Park. I enjoy your writing and refer specific articles to those who might be interested. Cheers from rural New Brunswick.
I really enjoy the drip-feed of information about the mystery count. I belong to the school of thought which excludes some fairly obvious possibilities (though I believe they have (?deliberately?) not been explicitly excluded by anything you have written).

I suspect that if we ever do learn what it is, there will be something missing ever after. Long may it remain a mystery.
Ah,the February count! It's here again,but surely it's not a whole year since the last one? Is it? Oh well, it'll soon be Christmas then. 😳

Thanks for all the words,miles,tea and other counting you do. I always read your posts (even the ones that are a bit too blokey). That way I may learn something knew and that's what we should all do every day. Ta DG!
Running The Count a day early? Hmmm. Could there be something happening today that needs an early start and a late finish? Something important? Let's see, well, it's the official last day of winter. A visit to somewhere with lots of snow?. No. It's no good guessing. We'll have to wait and find out.

dg writes: The Count has run a day early since 2003.
Today has involved a trip to IKEA, 13 miles of walking and a meal at Pizza Hut, so some of the paragraphs no longer say quite what they said this morning.
Let me know when you're doing Ikea again and we could meet for lunch at the Jetty, assuming they ever finish the work on the riverside path so it's actually accessible. If it weren't for that pesky River I'd guess you walked to Ikea and back. Was this your annual Dangleway ride or did you stick to the 108?
Proportion of this month's comments asking questions: 25%
Pointed to your blog some months back by a friend and regular reader, I now get a regular morning fix, enjoying the eclectic mix, the writing and the quirky humour. Out of the blue this week comes mention of the A41, along which I travelled as a child to see my grandfather in hospital in Liverpool, beside which I had my first flat in Acock's Green, in Birmingham, down which I drove when first living in London, and recently the route of my No 2 bus journey to Marylebone, taken to catch the train to visit my father before he passed away. Thank you, DG.
Re count 10:
10 for a month as short as February is surprisingly high even in a good year.

Perhaps you were led to have unrealistic expectations? Were you not advised that these things can go down as well as up and that past performance is no guarantee of future return?

On the other hand, reducing your capital inevitably leads to lower returns. Do that too quickly and too drastically, and that could drop even to zero, which seems to have happened in your case. Selling off the family jewels - even if they are no longer used - is not a wise choice. Why not seek independent advice?

However, I doubt you will find as many as ten dividend payments in a single month in the present climate.
I've been reading this since 2003 and I've come to the conclusion you don't have a drink problem.
I just hope that there's a sealed envelope lodged somewhere safe containing a description of the mystery count and instructions on publishing it.

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