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Ah yes - Tucker!!

What, so all the kids have been moved from the East End to Cheshire? Am I missing something?

Only that it's cheaper to film in the NW, and the kids are less streetwise there.

So, the move to New Grange Hill seems to have gone without a hitch. Having watched the first show of the new series, any potential worries have been proved groundless - the show's natural charm and humour are still there.

Always a classic storyline, it was the 'Get to know the new Year 7' episode today. Posh boy, divorced girl, streetwise boy, rebel girl, football boy, fat kid, school bully, bullied boy, nice teacher, over-confident teacher, thick caretaker... they were all there playing their correct roles.

Even the names are still perfect - the caretaker's called Wally, the bully's called Mooey, and the new lovable tearaway is called Togger.

As Tucker Jenkins would say (and in fact did...) "Flamin 'eck"

Having just read your comment on Grange Hill I would just like to say that in my school I WAS the misunderstood kid with Asperger's like Martin Miller

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