please empty your brain below

42 seconds, including finding a pen and writing it on a piece of paper.

Easy peasy, can we have a difficult one tomorrow, please, I need it for Scott's homework on Friday?

As ever, answer chez moi.

Hmm. My first guess was right.

Now what's the probability of that?

Trouble with writing a good puzzle question is that it takes far far longer to write than to solve In this case, just to check that there really is only one answer.

And Jon, 26 to 1 against, unless you used your skill and judgement to narrow down the list of possibilities before you guessed.

Skill? Judgement?

I think after I'd realised that the bottom right digit was either a 3 or a 1, it was 50/50 from then on.

7am's are currently the first thing I do when I get in of a morning. Hotcha.

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