please empty your brain below

I'm glad my journey to work isn't over any of that route, but I bet half a million of you try to crowd onto the trains I normally travel on instead

At least there will be space in the car park at Epping today

Did you think I would leave you crying? There's room on my bike for two...

It's at times like this I utterly love my problems? What tube problems?

Ah, Two Little Boys

Don't tempt DG Steve, your route to work could just be manipulated to go right past his door.

And DG likes the back of bikes

I'm sure the current paedo-mccarthyism will reach Rolf eventually - you can't have a track like that in your back catalogue and not be under suspicion.

Sorry, have I derailed this comments board? It'll be stuffed for days if I have...

Son arise?

No, you're right, maybe we'd better move on...

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