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As a minority who has been desperately awaiting this change to make getting to the pool easier, I say hooray! Whilst I know there is probably no actual danger walking up from Wharton Road, as a lone female late at night it doesn't always feel that way.
DG I am also constantly delayed at traffic lights all over the Olympic park that take a ridiculously long time to change when there often are no other vehicles in sight, and TFL is always spouting on about Intelligent Traffic Light System's, well there are none in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park area.
But isn't the point of these lettered routes that they follow a circuitous and slow route to fill in the gaps of other services?

I agree about the lights in QEOP though. Pointlessly frustrating. As a cyclist you can *cough* ignore *cough*.
Speaking of all things Olympic: there's still an Olympic lane road marking on Tower Hill to whizz any delegates who've overstayed into the City (or there was when I last looked a few weeks ago). About a year ago I spotted a yellow sign on the road from Beckenham to Penge warning of road closures for the Olympic torch relay.
DG - Is the Carpenters Road bridge also open to cars, ordinary traffic etc.

dg writes: Yes, not that it goes anywhere terribly useful (for most), so it's very quiet.
Apparently Newham is the least fit borough in London so maybe more people need to get off at the pool!
I often take the 339 through the Olympic park as it is much quicker than the 276 if I need to get to Stratford. If the God of light changes is happy that day I can get from my stop to Stratford in 8 minutes which is a huge difference compared to being stuck on the 276 now there's no third lane towards Stratford!

But if you get stuck by all the lights in the park then the minutes start to add up and you feel like a dope! You're just sitting there while there's no other traffic having your time nibbled away for no good reason. It's a pet peeve of mine!

Mr DG is right that one day the lights will be needed when there are more people living there but at the moment the lights feel quite pointless.
"Apparently Newham is the least fit borough in London so maybe more people need to get off at the pool! "

---or maybe the idea is for them to cycle there?
Around where I live the lights are able to monitor the trafiic flow and switch accordingly. They still have to cycle through a set sequence, but they do not hold you for a fixed time period. Very useful, especially late at night when there is very little traffic. "Holding" traffic when there is nothing else around can only encourage drivers to jump the lights.
The big question is - Why are the lights so programmed?
The most pedantic traffic lights in the Olympic Park are outside the Copper Box, between the northern and southern halves of the park.

These have an extremely long green man phase, as if set for festival crowds, hordes of sightseers or a flock of wheelchairs. Any moderately able pedestrian can easily nip across the road during the previous 'sideroad feeder' phase, leaving Westfield traffic waiting for up to a minute for no particularly good reason.

Programmed by cretins.

"As a cyclist you can *cough* ignore *cough*."

Yes, but quite legally if you use the footpath as that is marked a joint footpath / cycleway.
It may depend on the details, but I think cyclists cycling are still supposed to obey traffic lights, whether the cyclist is on the carriageway or not. (Whereas people on foot may legally disobey them, even if wheeling a cycle, except that they could be accused of other offences like dangerous walking).

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