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For the avoidance of doubt, the survey locations were:
» Shooters Hill Road, east of Charlton Road
» Bow Bridge
» Oxford Street, west of Oxford Circus
» London Bridge

Not sure the point of today's blog. We know it will be busy with the Olympics ... nothing else to write about?

A continuation of the dumbing down theme established yesterday?

Not too many comments though :)

Let's dumb down airport timetables!

Glasgow: About every 7-8 hours
Berlin-Schonefeld: soon enough
Hamburg: turn up and wait
Brno: just missed it
Isle of Man: once a day

Can we have the figures for 2112 now please?

The solar federation will have assumed control by then....

LOL! Nothing really changes then. Isn't the average speed in central London supposed to be slightly slower today than 100 years ago too!

The speeds might be slower today, but less horse shit. ;-D

shurely 'paardestront', Michael !

Interesting how the motor had superceded the horse for passenger vehicles but the horse was heavily dominant for trade vehicles.

Goed gezien Paul!

Number of dumb comments of people who like to bitch about yout blog, even though they themselves could never blog to such a high standard every single day, continously, for over five years : About the same.

Geofftech - Apologist!

Seriously though - when the blog is good, praise is heaped on diamondgeezer, as I often have done. But when it is bad (like this one), then comment is made: don't want high standards to slip.

I didn't understnad this post either - but it did make me think. That's all that is required.

Hi Jordan D,

My apologies that this post has failed to reach expected quality standards. Please apply in the usual place for a full refund.



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