please empty your brain below

Noted and voted - good luck.

You've done something to your hair, haven't you? Or Microhard have: for some reason in IE7 (yeas, i know) since Tuesday, your comment counters indicate zero.

dg writes: Thanks for noticing. I've just rebooted Haloscan, and the counters should work now.

w00t! As I believe the young people say nowadays!

I predicted 11 of the finalists (Arseblog and Fark in the wrong categories), out of 16. So who saying they're not always the same.

However, you ARE deserving! It's that chick from america who got fired who keeps getting nominated despite not doing anything good for the last year or 2 I am not happy with.

Notice that 3 of the blogs are from London in the best European category? There should just be a "best London" category, let alone a best UK category



*hits the button in joy*

(The laptop button, I mean. You know, the one that says 'enter'. Oh, whatever, you're voted for Mr. dg. And I hope to pick up the award on your behalf when I am at the Bloggie Award Ceremony at SXSW!)

yer dancer

It won't let me vote! Argh! Else I would!

Congratulations, anyway. From a medium-time reader first-time writer sorta thing.

Nicely done - My vote for you has been cast.

Although surely there is some mistake - that Dooce woman is only in six categories this year?!

Just voted for you...Good Luck!!!

Vote cast - good luck !

Congrats, DG.

Eh? I couldn't cast a vote: they seemed to be saying I had to cast a vote in all the other categories as well. Plaster that: I've got enough weblogs to monitor without getting caught perusing gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered sites! And I don't like throwing my votes out randomly. I'm not a slut.

Sorry, sniffle, I may have let you down.

(Okay, fession time: I thought by clicking on the radio button in your post, that I had voted for you.)

Perish the thought that you should ever stumble across a blog written by a non-heterosexual, flash: yes, they're all FILTH, the lot of them.

Warmest congrats on the Bloggie-nom, DG.

You and Arseblog?

I had to vote twice to avoid splitting the Scaryduck vote.

What mike said. Well done and well deserved.

I'll have to vote twice as well.

I've just voted for DG. Good luck - I'll keep my fingers crossed!

I'll be voting for DG too - I don't like the idea of Londonist being voted on as a blog - it's effectively an online newspaper. It completely lacks the qualities that make a blog a 'blog' in my opinion... and I don't like its style anyway!

Delighted to make your acquaintance, DG. Sending you all good wishes from the cold dark shiny bits (although for obvious reasons I probably won't be voting for you ...)

If you choose to vote twice do it from a different address. A second vote from the same address annuls the first vote.

Obviously I don't recommend voting twice.

The nice thing about the Bloggies is that they're not like those other ghastly awards where hordes of partisan supporters can vote as many times as they like.

I can report that I'd found it and voted before the post. And then I looked at the photo category, and thought "what the ????" Oh well. Chaque un a son recipe.

Good luck DG, voted for you last night
C xx

Of course I voted for you DG. I need my daily DG fix

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