please empty your brain below

I seem to remember a few years ago that the buttons on mainline tube trains *did* actually work. Certainly on cold frosty mornings, I would scamper into the end carriage at Leytonstone (open air station - brrr) and press the close button behind me so that it could get all warm and toasty.

Then, without warning, they just stopped working. I worked it out pretty quickly, and never pressed again. Makes me chuckle watching people madly hammering away at the open button, getting more and more frustrated. I always feel like telling them, but then really - some people never learn.

I think you're wrong about pushing buttons at pelican crossings. I am sure that I once read an article saying that some, in busy towns or on major roads, actually need a certain number of presses before they will stop the traffic.

Pressing the button more frequently and with increasing frustration merely goes to show that you are a stressed and impatient individual and are highly likely to die of a heart attack before the age of 45.

Less than 5 years to go for me then...

At least jaywalking is still legal in this country. For the moment.

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