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I have arranged to go out for the day with some friends.(A husband and wife) I have no interest in football, he does. I got a call Monday asking if the outing could be changed to another day. I said no!. Now I think I know why they were asking for the rearrangement. Should be fun to see what they want do at 3pm, "shall we stop at that

Calm down. It's only every four years, and thus far we've been blessed with England games on the weekend or Friday evening. I plan to join my co-workers and mostly ignore the football - most of them aren't big enough fans to sit through it staring at the screen, speaking to no-one.

Besides, I made them suffer through my retelling of the Olympic ice hockey final. :)

go watch the game... and enjoy...

Seems the ideal opportunity to blog about big screens in public places and mass outpourings of communal grief.

Wax lyrical about royal weddings, posh funerals, silver jubilees and street parties.

Personally, since DePRoK went out to Portugal I've lost interest. "Widaehan ryongdoja Kim Jong Il tongji-ui mansumugang-ul chugwon-hayo i janul tulget-sumnida."

Only every four years? Rubbish. We get this every two years thanks to the European thing. Then we get every international match. And then there's pubs you just can't go into on certain nights of the week because there's some "important match".

Frankly I'd tell it to your boss straight.

You're meeting someone at 6pm and it's been arranged for months. They're down from Leeds and have to get the 9pm train. You haven't seen them for years.

Simple :)

Dear... er.. whoever you are,

Move to Scotland. We have different rules up here. You cheer whenever England lose. At anything. No knowledge is needed.

Also, we have mountains and clean air and don't mind English people as much as we make out. Honest.

Time I spent watching major sports during the past year:

Football: 1 hour (college bowl game)
Baseball: 1 minute
Basketball: 1 minute (last minute of the season)


Oh, right... soccer.
I forgot that one entirely. Sorry.

its ok, its completely your choice if you want to be interested in the game or not, its not something that can relate to your patriotism so stop worrying about it, every one has their own choices and needs to think about

Well, you're off the hook now!

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