please empty your brain below

Is it two hundred and twenty two? I'm not that confident but it is the Monday evening after the Monday morning!

Sorry, it's not two hundred and twenty two, though that is very near the end of the list.

It must be two hundred and two then surely - god my brain hurts now - if it's not I give up!

problem solved

And, Jeff did post this answer over at Jon's place last week (check the comments box).
Just thought I'd point that out.

..and I thought I was being so brainy getting it first - apologies Jon if I stole your thunder!

No problem. It was Jeff's thunder anyway, but it seems I managed to steal it without knowing.

Shall I give it back to Jeff now, or does anyone else want a go first?

Phew, just as well I didn't ask which of the numbers from one to one million would come last in alphabetical order - it might have got really stormy

My first guess is 20,202 on this new challenge. (Please don't return any thunder - I didn't want it anyway!)

and my 2nd guess is 22,202! That's better.

.. but not good enough. 202,202 is my third guess (but possibly not my last!) Why is this so mind boggling? I think it's the same as when I have files named "Jan","Feb",etc and seeing them in alphabetic order always throws me!

All this thunder flying around is really giving me a headache so I'm not even going to attempt this one! Have fun.

Can one post LINKS in the comment box?

You certainly can.
I see Radio 2 is coming back to haunt my comments boxes.

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