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I was amused by seeing, in your photograph, an ice cream poster standing outside a communications museum.
Which text? Wild stab in the dark - Richard II, Act II Scene I.
The A1 bus between Penzance and Lands End continues round the coast via St Just and Zennor to St Ives in the summer with open-top buses making for a delightful trip with great views. It even continues back to Penzance via St Erth making for a complete round tour.

dg writes: It didn't last summer .
When you mentioned St Bulphan, did you mean Buryan?

dg writes: I did. Fixed thanks.
"...then delivered a short soliloquy to test out the acoustics"

DG talks? I've read this blog for so long without hearing your voice, it's a difficult thing to imagine [smiley face]
Of cours Marconi experimented with trasatlantiuc wireless in cornwall, too, but I think that was at Goonhilly, which is on the Lizard (?)
Also, a village called; TREEN - don't tell Dan Dare .....
The Minack Theatre also had occasional appearances on screen between 2002 and 2008, as the location of a BBC One ident - albeit the seldomest seen of the set, as it was reserved for sombre occasions only. Which is a shame, because it is lovely.
I took a bus to the Minack from Falmouth on my own as a teen, just to see The Pirates of Penzance being performed! It remains, to this day, my favourite stage performance ever!

Thank you for doing my spiritual home justice with such lovely posts. Its a shame Cornwall is so far from my physical home in London! My heart is torn between the two!
Awwwhhhhhhh, is it over?

I loved this trip around Cornwall with you dg.

All good things must come to an end.

Thank you.
Lux -- those of us who have been reading the blog for many years will remember hearing the real DG voice in a radio interview. Can't remember when but I suspect it was pre-Olympics.
Charles, you’re right, I heard that too. On top of the Green Chain I think. Voiced by an actor.

dg writes: Wrong on both counts.
Lux - Are you saying that the interviewee I heard on the radio all those years ago was not in fact DG but an actor? This seems very unlikely. It is not DG's style to trick his readers.
Glad you had an enjoyable visit to Cornwall, I have enjoyed the posts and photos very much indeed. Thank you.
Great Aunt Annie - just a terrible attempt at a joke on my part. It was here, but DG's identity is now (thrillingly) lost in the ether:

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