please empty your brain below

Thanks for the post and the beautiful pictures. London is definitely on my list of places to travel to. These are definitely landmarks worth visiting!

I have often been tempted to ask this and now I'm going to - do you lie on the floor to get some of those fantastic shots?

I seem to spend half my life in Conway Hall - you should come back for some conferences and stuff DG!

The Sunday morning lectures are particularly brilliant as the average age is about 90 (I must have significantly reduced it when attending once), and all of the old people there are beyond the point where they think about "manners". So they just stand up in the middle of a lecture and announce "I want to say something!".

The strange thing about the "spooks' tv show was they were not allowed to film outside the real Thames House that is why they instead used Freemason's hall, but some of the filming "inside" was allowed in the real Thames house.

My goodness DG, what a weekend ! - you must have planned this a bit like an attempt on the Underground record - or is this just the successful hits on a longer list ?

Keep up the good work - I mine your blog for potential visit locations when I travel up to London. I don't think I could survive a schedule so hectic as your this weekend, but it makes enthralling reading

All of today's photos were taken standing up. They're all just very high ceilings.

Having given blood in the Conway Hall and two of the livery halls (not the ones featured here) I can tell you that an interesting ceiling is very much appreciated!

I too went to the Methodist Central Hall, on Saturday. The staircase is marvellous! And there's a lifesize statue of John Wesley.

I visited Drapers Hall on Open House a couple of years ago. It is magnificent!

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