please empty your brain below



That'll learn me for moaning it was too easy-peasy yesterday.

Oi DG, we *need* the answer.It's driving some of us mad (der).
Pretty please?

but i haven't posted any answers this week

Yes, but you haven't *needed* to post the answers, have you? Until today....

Now you don't want to be in my spells, do you? They *could* involve psychopaths....

And you *know* how wrong my spells usually go, don't you?

Trust me, I don't need to post today's answer.

Well, Ok, an explanation then, cos I don't understand how "thorn" could be it, and it can't be bananas, can it? If so, I must be lacking in potassium. Go Google that

It must have been 'thorn' then. And I think the clue is in the nature of Jeff 'Top 40' Vagg's homepage --

The Beatles had a hit with 'Twist and SHOUT'. They were on the EMI label at the time.

The current ad for the SEAT Ibiza features hand-clicky music by a Spanish artist (sorry, name escapes me), also on the EMI label.

And Crackerjack presenter STEW Francis had a novelty hit in the early eighties, also on the EMI label.

At that time EMI had bought another electrical company -- THORN, to make the company Thorn EMI.

Am I nearly there?

Thorn has a point, so think POINTS.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't work this out, Jon.

I've already thought "points", counted on, counted back, in letters in the alphabet, added up the letter values translated into numbers, employed every technique known to lovers of verbal reasoning tests and children sitting the 11+.

Blue witch is frustrated...

You're making a mountan out of a


Thorn = North

And I move seamlessly from aggravated bafflement to smug knowingness.

Only took four days and several heavy clues (and, in fact, the answer). Man, you should see me doing cryptic crosswords...

Yes, I *know*.

I know it's got to be about reordering letters, or taking the number of their sequential postition in the alphabet, counting on or back, adding something...

I just don't know exactly what.

I'm doing a spell right now, in the stew in my cauldron I have an old car seat, 40 precious stones, and I am talking very loudly as I stir it all up with a branch from arose bush.

Seems more likely to be effective than hoping someone will tell me the answer soon.

BTW if you notice any weird things happening to you in the next few days, although I am sorry, I cannot be held responsible. My spells aren't often 100\\% successful and they often come out a bit jumbly

Thank you Jon.
But, I will admit, it still took me 5 minutes after you'd posted that.

And the sad thing is, I did think of points of the compass when Jeff posted earlier. I just failed to put it all together. Or, I'd got trapped in the wrong solution-mind-set.

it's odd, but i'd have thought that jumbly spells was exactly the way to solve this one

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